Having a problem hosting

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For some reason I can't host a game. I'm doing everything right (according to several people) and my firewall is turned off. When I attempt to host a game, my opponents cannot see them. The ports are correct and the rom is confirmed to be correct as well.

A little help will be much appreciated!

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I'll try to catch you online to help out. Some initial thoughts....

When you turned off your firewall, did you restart hamachi/GENS?

Can people ping you on hamachi (double click name)

Does your router have a firewall too?

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Sometimes you may be pressing enter instead of clicking the "Host" button and then it makes you connect to the IP you connected to last. It happened to me once, I kept pressing enter under the host tab instead of clicking host.

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Got it fixed. In my firewall settings only half of the GENS application functions were checked as "allowed". I manually set the firewall to allow the rest of them as well and it worked like a charm.

Thanks Raph for your help last night on this issue.

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