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Waitlist AKA Free Agency Season 1


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This is the official waitlist thread. All waitlisted players will be put onto one of the four teams immediately as a free agent. All players are welcome to play as many or few games as they like (every player must play at least one game to be playoff eligible). Free agents will be assigned to teams in the following order: Carse, Freydey, Kingraph, Wittgenstein

Free Agents:

1. nancybegley(at)rogers.com - B - 6.3 - Carse's Goon Squad

2. politelyerased - B - 6.4 - Bazinga Gang

3. dawookie94 - A - 7.1 - LA Kings of GA

4. pearate - B - 7.2 - George W. Bush

5. Brutus Khan- B - 7.3 Carse's Goon Squad -

6. 7.4 Bazinga Gang -

7. 8.1 LA Kings of GA

8. 8.2 George W Bush

9. 8.3 Carse's Goon Squad

10. 8.4 Bazinga Gang

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Yep - free agents will not snake and continue repeating in that order. If some of us remember back to capitalism league, it was a league you could sign up in right away and play as many/few games as youd like. This is totally a similar concept - anyone who wants to 2on2, even if they've never 2on2'd before or think they have time for a 2on2 lg can sign up for and participate by just posting here.

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Sign up on waitlist get put on team and play 2on2 action right away

Brutus Khan is now on the Goon Squad as 7.3 and can choose to use SlapshotGoon, PassshotGoon or OnetimerGoon from the teams roster.

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