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Spring 2013 - 'First to 40' Race


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Matticefire leads with 30 games played.

1. Matticefire (SNES B2) - 30

2. Marchawg (SNES B2) - 28

3. Plabax (SNES A) - 27

4. Andrew (SNES B1) - 26

5. Brutus (GENS B1) -24

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how many have played 0 games? lol i know i have i hope someone will be up around 10-11 CST so i can get out of the hole

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I can play today, but probably not til about 1:00 CST.

I can play tonight, after 8EST.

We have a schedule a game area for this.


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damn it beavis. If you'd just chop down that tree already, I could have played a few of our games and be in the lead for the race to 40.

As it stands, matticefire leads all leagues with 34 games.

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Brutus(GENS B1) - 37

Jackandjose(GENS B1)- 36

Peach(GENS B1) - 36

Kupuck(SNESB1) - 36

Matticefire (SNESB2) -34

almost done....only one more bud to find to get er done?

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