Spring 2013 league scoring leaders

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Matticefire leads Lemieux to 166 goals this season overall. Dcicon5148 took Alexnder Mogilny to edge out Lemieux for the most points by one player overall with 186.

Congrats buds!

SNES B2(Matticefire) Mario Lemieux G -166, A – 19, PTS - 185

SNES B1(annatar) Mats Sundin G-73, A-67, PTS – 140

SNES A(BoknowsNHL94) Alexnder Mogilny G – 120, A – 30, PTS - 150

GENS B2(Begley15) Steve Yzerman G -130, A - 48, PTS - 178

GENS B1(dcicon5148) Alexnder Mogilny G -160, A-26 – PTS - 186

GENS A(Plabax) Steve Yzerman G-136, A-47 – PTS -183

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Too bad I benched Yzerman for 2 games :(

you should fire yourself as team coach. :grimace:

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No surprises there, mogilny/yzerman top 5 F's in the game

True, but probably 75-85% of the player stats are due to coach, the rest is based on position (C always has the most points), and individual player. I made those up, but I that's my guess based on Blitz experience.

As Classic continues to develop their stats system in future leagues, it'd be cool to show player stats by season/league, so you can see the effect of a coach on player.

For example, here is Mark Messier in Blitz: http://www.blitz94.com/player.asp?player=338

He can have 1.3 pts/g one season, and then over 3.1 another based on coach!

I also just noticed that my 3F (Gretz/Roby/Granato) are in the top 7 scoring for pts/g...I guess I have a really balanced attack style! lol.

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Ya def great point it does matter who's coaching as well - witness chris kontos blitz season 1.

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