Spring'13 GENS Regular Season Awards

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Awesome Bud Award (for being awesome)

Goes to (tie) Halifax and Chaos, without whom all this glory would not be happening! Savestate/Upload stat system was amazing this year! Many thanks for all your hard work!

40 GP Buds (The ultimate buds who played 100% of their games and made my life easier!)

(Bold indicates reached 40 GP last season too!)

Begley15 (B2)

Brutus (B1 AND B2!!)

Jackandjose (B1)

Jagr68 (B2)

JayLighter420 (B1)

jer_33 (B1)

Kingraph (A)

Kupuck19 (B2)

mikey-mac94 (B2)

Plabax (A)

Redbonzai (B2)

Wheelsoffire (B2)

Vocally Caged (A)

The Tony Twist Hard Times Award (Our favorite award! No matter the record, this award goes to those who play their season and have a fun time, despite the record)

Jagr68 – finished all 40 games with a 6-34 record with EDM in B2 and was always around to play or even chat!

redbonzai – 8-32 record (all 40 games!) with no issues! Way to go!

BROC4232 – 9-30, learned the weight bug the hard way (Pittsburgh!), but played on!

Culls17 – 5-31 and played his games to the end!

The Teemu Selanne Rookie of the Year Award

Uncle Seth – Went 31-6 (.838). 5.81 G/G, 2.64 GA/G. And managed to annoy some of the top vets with his overconfidence!

The Adam Oates Most Improved Bud

Begley15 – After going .500 in the C league last year, went 33-7 (.825) in B2! Also snuck into the playoffs as a replacement coach for CHI in the A league. Well done!

Hokkeefan Slacker Awards

To BoKnows and Carse, who slacked ALL season, only to catch up in the final week (or weekend!)

The Steve Yzerman RAPON Award

Plabax – who in the A division scored 275 goals, an average of 6.78 per game. 1st all-time in the A league.

The Don Sweeney TRAPON Award

Wittgenstein – Taking Jon Casey and the weak Dallas defense to a 2.56 GAA in the B2 league that averaged 4.03 G/G, a difference of 1.47 (highest in league)

The Scotty Bowman Best Overall Coach Award

Dcicon – 33-5 (.868) in GENS B1

The Steve Larmer Iron Bud Award

Brutus! Played 40 games in B1, played 40 games in B2 as a replacement, and then got to 39 GP in A! Iron man!

Congrats! And thanks to everyone else who participated and helped make this season a great success! While no league got 100% games played (booo), GENS managed to get 94% in all three leagues! For those that made it, best of luck to you in the playoffs! For those that didn't, I hope to see you back again in the fall!

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Excellent! When are the snes awards coming?

kupcuk asked me if he could do em...so ill give him some time to post

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