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Sorry I didn't realize Raph had done the GENS awards already: here are the SNES awards for Spring 2013 Classic League

Awesome Bud Award (for being awesome)

As was for Gens: Halifax & Chaos, but I'd also like to include Kingraph for all their effort behind the scenes to make the league happen. Also Kingraph was awesome enough to take over for MTL in SNES B2 to help coaches finish their seasons. Kudos!

40 GP Buds (The ultimate buds who played 100% of their games and made my life easier!)

(Bold indicates reached 40 GP last season too!)

BoknowsNHL94 SNES A

c4outlaws SNES A

matticefire SNES A

crash46 SNES A

annatar SNES B1

kupuck19 SNES B1

marchawg SNES B2

Fank009 SNES B2

Blackdevil19 SNES B2

jbalicki10 SNES B2

the1jasontaylor SNES B2

matticefire SNES B2

The Tony Twist Hard Times Award (Our favorite award! No matter the record, this award goes to those who play their season and have a fun time, despite the record)

MARCHAWG - QUE SNES B2 - First choice! Played all 40 games with a 12-28 record, as Hali would say, "keep given'er bud"

Omega_red - CHI SNES A- First season in SNES A went 5-29 playing 34 games!

Daito - VAN SNES B1 - first classic season finishing 6-25-1

The Teemu Selanne Rookie of the Year Award

Northway Native - CHI SNES B1 - Here's a truly award worth coach right here, Northway took the Hawks 32-4 with a powerful combo of larmer and roenick with beflour on the back end. A class act coach who tried to play all 40 games up until the end.

The Adam Oates Most Improved Bud

Annatar - QUE SNES B1 - Annatar joined this spring for his first classic league. After a few series into his season, he continued to pile on W's constantly adding 2pts for his team in the standings. He took on a team in Gens A respectfully finishing 12-23-1.

Hokkeefan Slacker Awards

Wittgenstein - DAL SNES B2 - 28 GP: WTGA?! Lowest GP as non-replacement coach.

The Steve Yzerman RAPON Award

Northway Native - CHI SNES B1 - 256 GF 110 GA, +146 Goal differential is the largest among all Snes '13 Classic players. Congrats!

The Don Sweeney TRAPON Award

Grayto - SNES A TOR - Best GAA among all snes coaches with 2.49 GAA, Honorable mention Oilers442 slightly edged with 2.51 GAA

The Scotty Bowman Best Overall Coach Award

Oilers442 - SNES A EDM - 30-8 in the top tier league, .789 win percentage

NorthwayNative - SNES B1 CHI - 32-4, absolutely dominant season!

Matticefire - SNES B2 PIT - 35-5 playing all games, classy dude, great coach - best of luck in the playoffs!

The Steve Larmer Iron Bud Award

Matticefire - SNES A NYR & SNES B2 PIT - played all 40 games in 2 league, finishing .500 in A and at the top of B2. Playing 80 games at a top level is Steve Larmer worthy!

Sorry I effed up the award thread on first attempt, hopefully the second time around this "genisissy" got things right. Feel free to chime and share if you feel I missed anyone worth recognizing!

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