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SNES A Finals!


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Perhaps it's only fitting that the two most decorated SNES players are in the final. Grayto vs Bok. Both are former classic league champions, with bok winning SDL and grayto winning two WHA titles.

best luck to both buds!

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Congrats Grayto! Ive always been of the opinion that you're the best snes player ive ever faced and certainly the one ive learned the most from over the years. Enjoy this one for all its worth; being 1 of 2 20th anniversary titles to be awarded in 2013 makes this one all the more special!

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do we have video of the best playing?

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One of those few guys who you can know what they're going to do, but they'll do it to you anyway.

Series was a blast, if not a little ridiculous at times.

Would be cool to see the games if Bo can up them.

Thanks to Chaos and Halifax once again for giving us the games.

Thanks to my main sparring partners Oilers and Northway for keeping me sharp, Actually I probably wouldn't have used the leafs at all without Oiler's Epiphanies, putting Dave at center gives the leafs the consistency I needed for league play. The drought is over!

Thanks to all the guys in the league for the GGS.

Think I'm gonna retire from classic league for awhile. I'll be around for exis.

Hit me up.

Edited by Grayto
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