GDL X - Roll Call & Waiting List PART 2!


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Alright, we're gonna start this thing! Plabax will be handling the website and I'll play commissioner. First step, let's do a fresh roll call to see who is still around to play this summer and replace anyone who doesn't respond or doesn't want to play! You have about a week to respond and then we should kick-off the league!!!

You can get on the waitlist by signing up on this thread.

NJ - JayLighter420 - IN
TOR - jer_33 - IN
NYA - Wittgenstein - IN
CGS - MrDerp4321 - IN
SJ - eggink444 - IN
BOS - minpind - IN
LA - Plabax - IN
PIT - Vocally Caged - IN
TB - da94wookiee - IN
COR - kupuck19 - IN
CHI - dcicon5148 - IN
MNS - houly - IN
BUF - swos - IN
CGY - flasox24 jackandjose IN
QUE - Freydey32 - IN
WPG - kgman - IN
VAN - Zalex - IN
HFD - BoKnowsNHL94 - IN
NYR - kingraph - IN
ANH - Carse
- IN
ATL - EricAnthony nahkahomo IN
EDM - hokkeefan - IN
STL - IceStorm70 - IN

Waiting List

01. CoachMac
02. jackandjose
03. nahkahomo
04. beavers33
05. sebe
06. Brutus
07. Bagsey
08. niuhuskie224
09. Uncle Seth
10. Culls17
11. Jagr68

12. ProBob

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Alright...couple of big names still left to confirm including former champs kgman, Frey, and EA. VC, HABS, wookiee and Flasox too! If you see these gentlemen, or know how to contact them, please do so. I've sent PM's and offline AIM messages to all.

This is regarded as the toughest title to win because of the competition involved, so let's not let it slip!

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Take me off the waiting list please.


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