I am back! .... Been about 5 years!

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Hi Guys,

Its a been a fair few years since I have logged in to this forum and to my amazement my account is still active :0!

Only differences now is that I am professional programmer but still share a passion for hacking Roms

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Welcome back Stevie Y! Lots of exciting things happening in '94 land and many great hacks over the last 5 years! Notably the weight bug fix by Smozoma and adding "Y" button instant goalie control by Clockwise.

Anyway, always great to see people coming back! :)

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I'm pretty sure Clocky contracted that out, but it sure did save that version of the game from its worst (weight fail was second and guys appearing on multiple teams at once may have been third) flaw. so, Doctor Steveyzerman, can we hire you to take a crack at some overdue SNES hacking projects?

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....for example. I'm sure there's plenty more. we don't have any physics hacks for the SNES version (yet). here's some of what has been done:


any idea of what you feel that you'd be capable of achieving?

I'd love it if you'd start posting in this section:


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I think it's a great feature. if you have the wherewithal to stay on the guy that gets checked, then you have the option to spring back up, much like you had braced yourself for the hit and managed to not get totally destroyed by it. it's not like you are immediately useful, as you are almost always striking a weird pose like a voguing statue or in a daze and clinging to the guy that hit you. if the guy hits you and he doesn't skate away, you can pull yourself back up with him, which seems pretty fair to me. anyway, it would be great if you could disable it, as some people really don't like it (Genesis players, mostly, as they are often allergic to features), but I'd personally never opt out of it's use.

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another thing that nobody has done for SNES yet is find a way to alter the fatigue/recovery rates. those are potential hacks that I would like to use. I think the players should tire more quickly and recover more slowly.

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