Looking to talk to NHL '94 players for a magazine article

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I am writing an article for Beckett Hockey Magazine about the 20th anniversary of NHL '94.

I would like to talk, via email, to people who played the game back in the 1990s.

If you are interested, please email me at sjb@puckjunk.com -- or send me a PM.

Also, I wrote an article about NHL '94 back when the game celebrated its 15th anniversary, which you can read here:


Thank you for your help.

Sal Barry

I can help ya with my input as well, man. When do you need to write the article?

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what's the update on this thing?

Here is my update on the Beckett article.

It is bad news, unfortunately.

For my NHL '94 article, I was actually able to conduct an interview with Jeremy Roenick. My conversation with him was about video games, espeically NHL '94. That became the focus of my article, becase it is not every day that I get to talk with an NHL legend.

Thus, I also wrote a sidebar (a short companion article) to accompany my interview with Roenick. This is where I used my conversations with everyone who replied to my initial request.

\But the sidebar had to be cut due to space limitations. This is the first time in 10 articles that I've had something cut.

I'm really sorry about this.

I am going to write a few more pieces about NHL '94 (one for my blog, one for another sports site). I will contact everyone indivdually and make sure it is OK that I use my conversations with each of you for this new article, since it will not be printed in Beckett, but elsewhere.


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Hi again everyone.

As I mentioned before, Beckett Hockey magazine cut my "sidebar" conversation with you all in my NHL '94 article.

First off, here is a PDF of the article. It is old enough now that my editor doesn't mind if I circulate it:


Second, I ended up using my "sidebar" conversation with the kind NHL '94 forum members who spoke with me. I published it on my website, Puck Junk. However, I removed everyone's last name. You can read that article here:


Again, I want to give my gratitude for those who took the time to speak with me.


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cool. thanks for your time.

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