Your '94 Community Career - Cool Things / Misconceptions

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- Joined the community in Nov 06, just searching the web for '94 tips a couple of months after moving from England to the US & buying a Genesis to replace the xbox I left behind

- Forgot about until I got an email from some Halifax guy & played my first online league I think Spring 2010 or maybe Fall 09

- Rookie season with King, Comeback King & not sure if Pearate was playing his first season. Started playing a lot of Exis against Probob although he was in the other B league. Got to the qtr finals which I was happy with for a debut season

- Became totally addicted, spending most of my working days playing exis - They didn't check up on me much! lol

- Ran the 2011 league with Clockwise's rom using only the forum to record results, update standings etc etc. Somehow it was a major success!. Probob helped me out & although we never said it there was a major rivalry to better the other. Probob out-did me in that one, but in my final 6-8 games I noticeably kicked on to a new level of understanding & play. Kingraph also confirmed himself an A player in that one, & Comeback gave up on the community after winning both leagues he had ever entered.

- 2012 Clockwise rom league won the President's trophy in the B league. Lost in the semis to Mav.

- Spring Classic 2012 was my best season - Lost with DET in the B finals to Dynamo

- Work commitments have stopped me playing for about a year. Was burned out anyway. Now have the bug again. Hopefully can make it happen for Fall

- Probob is now 100 times better than me which is a shame as we always went really even before I stopped playing. Hopefully i'll get back

- Sad to see Iceguy disappear as i'm now Mexico's only representative in the community


- I've never once dropped a game. Some people probably think I have cos i'm such a bad loser trying to point out whatever piece of luck decided the game etc, but I have too much respect for the game to ever drop Mav style

- I do hate people being put in leagues where there's no challenge for them. Not because i'm a bad loser. I just think you should be at your level. How many guys have left & never returned after an average A guy goes down to B & sucks the competitiveness out of the season? I just don't think it helps everyone to enjoy the league they're in & actually think it helps turn guys away

- I don't "hate" NJ. I made what was meant to be a light-hearted comment which read differently & everything went crazy! I don't bear grudges against anyone around here, don't have rivalries & would offer my hand to Wookie without pausing if I ever saw him in person

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- Joined in September '09

- Rookie season with a bunch of other goons and mofapes

- Won first game against TubaHero (or whatever)

- Entered Beer League run by Metz, but fizzled fo' shizzle.

- Entered classic in 2010 as a replacement for the Philidelphia Cheese steaks ( err I mean Flyers), but bowed out after only three games.

- Entered GDL 8 in 2011 with the Rangers and posted a record of 2-25-0 before my modem crapped out.

- Entered GDL 9 in 2012 with Hurricanes and did even worse.

- Was nominated by Hokkee I think for most sports man like for GDL 8 (or whatever)

- Tried to make predictions for the start of the previous season, but the lockout happened (up yours Bettman)

- Joined classic C2 and traponed a few people with the Bruins.

-Joined classic B2 this year with the Penguins, got traponed by a lot of people.

- Got destroyed 4-1 against VC in Shark Week 2013 tourney.

- Once got three OT winners with Adam "without Hall" Oates.

- Is basically the Glenn Healy of this entire site.

-Wrote this post

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- Smoz improved my game the most out of anyone in the community

This is weird, because I've beaten you maybe 3 times ever :P

Although I think in an early GDL, you were something like 21-0 and I broke your streak?

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Lurked here for many years as a 93 guy and a console guy and an old guy, I had no idea how this all worked. Would just lurk around while at work. I had no home computer unless you count my genesis and NES.

When I finally figured out what you guys were doing, I bought a used computer for my home and still only use it to play 92, 93, and 94, Tecmo, and RBI.

First I just made old roms using NOSE.

Then the 93 League started last fall and I jumped in.

I drafted Messier #1 and did not get why people laughed.

I loved it.

Raph beat me my first 8 games like 15-2 or worse everytime.

Plabax beat me 26-3.

I did eventually start winning some games. With Messier on the bench. Had a good rivalry with Jer33.

I had played 54 out of my 56 games (#1 in GP) when everything crashed.

I hated the deke move as we had always outlawed it, but loved the league.

After that

I joined 94 WBF Classic B run by Plabax. Came to love 94 which I had never played.

I was in first place overall and #1 in GP when it crashed.

Months later we had a playoff and I lost to Jer33 in second round of playoffs. I had a bye in round 1.

Poof after that the league died.

Plabax had a Canadian flag by my name in this league.

I am not Canadian but wish I was. I only like Canadian teams.

I spend a month in the winter in Alberta and a month in the summer in SE BC.


I ran a GDL or DGL 93.

Jer33, Brutus, JackandJose, Jeremy9107, me, and Begley.

The league was great and fast.

Brutus was amazing. He could stop the deke and he did not rely on the deke, and he had Bob Probert and would kick your a--.

Anyway everything was great then Begley and Brutus made the Finals and after 2 games.....Poof

Begley disappeared. Never heard a word from him since.


I am in a 92 league run by deadmeow.

It is great regular season is almost over.

4 guys each controlling 4 teams

I am a Coach. HS Football. USSA Skiing.

My daughters are excellent ski racers and barrel racers and they both have won the Cup in NHLPA 93.

Clint Malarchuk lives in my town and we threw balls to our dogs and visited down by the river many years ago.

His ex-wife lives right around the corner from me.

Cool things:

- I never did "deke goals" until I started playing online a few years ago. Growing up, they were considered cheap goals by my friends, and essentially banned. All the goals came off of one-timers or rebounds or flukes. I'm still not too great at deke goals.

Single best thing ever said on this site. If you never did deke goals 93 would be a whole lot more fun.

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- gr8199kings walked me through my first online games in August of 2007 after discovering thru a recorded lg game on youtube

-Played first season of Classic with Asstorm, Sebe, & Jrod - most fun I ever had getting my ass kicked!

-First win online was against Jesusplaysnhl94 aka clockwise

-Always exits playoffs with a loss and comes back for more the next season

- Capitalism Lg consumed my summer of 2008

-Nothing compares to late nite 2v2 - long time ago frey zalex habs donnybrak mav skoolyardpuck where the normal regs, fun still continues this day with guys like witt, minipinis, jaylighter, kingraph, et

-Wittgenstein's intellect makes for interesting conversation

-Yeeeeeeee Sheeeee kraqroq

-Was part of the free fokkee band wagon

-Wags' boobs

-FPB rants

-Freydey and Zalex GA tribute

-Summit 2v2s and winter klassique

-snes classic is awesome

Misconceptions or Cuntspearasee

- FPB is plabax

- TomKabs is Houly's altnernate personality when at college

- Halifax looks like Mr Dos Equiss

- Zalex is still in the closet

- Jaylighters tourettes syndrome cause him to dive at least 3 times per period with the goalie

- That drp1zza was a respected member of the community after discovering the site thru one of his 94 videos - LOL nope.

- People who didn't meet deadlines were actually replaced right away

- seano is houly's American cousin


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Well, having been name-checked by swos...I'll bite.

I started playing NHL '94 back in 2001 not long after kaillera came into existence. I had been active in the QuakeWorld Team Fortress community in the late 90s and early 2000s (hence my website, and though I wasn't in a clan any longer, I still lingered in IRC and, after much soliciting, I finally found a guy who was willing to play against me. We played a bunch of games over several months, but that was about it for a while. Then I turned a buddy of mine living several hundred miles away into playing online, though without anything better than dial-up in my apartment at the time, I'd actually drive in to work on Saturdays to play on the broadband.

After my then-girlfriend, now wife and I upgraded to DSL in 2005, some Google searching caused me to stumble upon, which was the Fins' website for logging games. Thankfully, they had an IRC channel, so I quickly got in touch with them. They were pretty amused at the (North) American who wanted to play against them, but they were never anything but nice to me and within a short time I was playing against them. The ping disadvantage was significant (this was well before the p2p kaillera client) but I never complained because I was just grateful for the competition and that they were willing to play against me.

Some of my favorite memories from playing the Fins include:

-beating Wayler the first time I ever played him (I did not beat him often after that)

-My first tournament with the Fins, recreating the 2005 World Championships. The countries were assigned to players mostly randomly but they reserved USA for me. :)

-The 2008 US Presidential election when they wanted to be the US. :)

I played several tournaments with them, making the playoffs a few times, but never really got close to winning a title with them. No problem, I was having too good of a time.

Also in 2005, I stumbled upon early in its existence (hence my super-low #23 registration number. :) ) Evan and I started chatting on AIM regularly and when he started up the first NHL '94 Classic league (Fall 2005), I was sure to sign up. I did quite well in the regular season, but habs beat me in seven games in the conference finals. That was the closest I would come to a championship for a long time.

It was exciting to watch the community grow, and I eventually ran my own competition, the ill-fated NHL '94 Cup Chase. I also picked up SNES play and started making YouTube videos after smozoma posted his excellent video-making guide. highlights include:


(neck-and-neck with the birth of my son for greatest moment of my life)

-earning my only two league championships by winning the Capitalism league both times it was played (134340!)

- (18 goals in a game against a human being my personal best)

-The crowd (Tecmo Super Bowl) once ran their own NHL '94 league, inspired by leagues over here. I and several'ers signed up and I won 33 matches in a row before swapping teams with someone else for competitive purposes. It's one of the longest NHL '94 winning streaks in this site's history, but it's not really legit because a lot of the games were against newbies.

-kgman's *crazy* antics. Fun fact: I'm the one who turned him on to AOL Instant Messenger. He beat me in the finals of the Spring 2006 league and cost us all a bit of our sanity. You're welcome, everyone.

-The batshit insane fact that we are able to play old console games from the 1990s against people hundreds and thousands of miles away.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. I'll think of them, no doubt.

(Edit #1: I didn't know the forum would actually embed the YouTube video. C00l.)

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Tick you failed to mention classic leagues greatest single game comeback! Down 7-3 to Quebec the Habs and Captain Kirk miller staged an epic 5 goal comeback late in the final stanza!

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This is weird, because I've beaten you maybe 3 times ever :P

Although I think in an early GDL, you were something like 21-0 and I broke your streak?

I think I remember that too gdl 4 or something lol ;)

But I say that because I always came to you for technical advice about the game or players and the information you uncovered about the game helped me a ton in figuring out what works for what players.. Not to even mention in drafts

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  • 1 month later...


- 80% of my my '94 texts are from Halifax. :)

only comes the parade of texts


-I really think that halifax is the Dos Equis guy

It's possible.

- Joined community in the same month as IamFleury'shipcheck (EA 76) and Halifax

Thanks bud. I also joined the same month as you did.


-On aim once I received a message from some halifax guy telling me to vote for '94 in some poll. he referred to me as bud numerous times and I was very confused

-I eventually saw the light and now embrace "bud" in it's entirety

perfecto bud...did you vote? time for another poll perhaps?


- Forgot about until I got an email from some Halifax guy

I feel insignificant. I'm crying on the inside.


- Halifax looks like Mr Dos Equis

Dos equis twice!

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Man, I don't have anything as detailed as you guys.

- I can't remember when I first signed up, but my first league was in Blitz as Vancouver. I don't actually like the Gens version that much, and I got rolled in that league. I couldn't score.

- My first SNES league was Spring of 2010. I took my real favorite team (NJ) and also lost a ton. This is a theme for me.

- I actually don't mind losing at all, especially if goofy things happen during the game.

- I play a s**t ton of games against Kero5hin/Heatrash. We grew up together and I always know when he's on or wants to play a game.

- The only team I really dislike losing with is NJ. I also hate beating NJ when I play them! :o

- I wrote 90% of over the course of one weekend, but I've been updating it randomly since then. At first it only had SNES and it didn't show any of the scoring/penalty summary. Now it works for both gens and snes, also shows both summaries, although I do NOT keep individual team player stats (I want the focus of the site to be on real life gamers and their stats, not the individuals on teams).

- I MUCH prefer playing exhis rather than league games. I get bored playing the same team all the time :\

- In most of my exhibition games on sea-hag, I play the away team. I like the dark jerseys.

- I originally came to this site after playing for years in the tecmo circuit (now and some of those leagues. I still play Tecmo sometimes, but NHL94 is my favorite game.

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Joined years ago, but have never been part of a league yet. Had only a few games against members on here. Played against Wittgenstein in several games on Clockwise's NHL 91 rom of NHL '94 and shut him out several times. Beat Clockwise in one game and lost to him in another in same rom. Clockwise is the only forum member thus far to score more than 1 goal against me in a game. Other good players will be able to do the same if they played against me, but I can compete.

Was going to release an updated version of NHL '94 in the past, only to lose all my hard work when my laptop crashed.

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-This was the first game I ever played online

-If it weren't for the patience of Jesus, Kings, Addison, and Cam... I would have never been able to get started online

-I know that Angryjay and I started around the same time... we developed quite a friendship and heated rivalry (he is still one of the most explosive players I have come across.. no lead was ever safe)

-The only girl I played from this site was Evan's gf (now wife I believe), Egg. Evan and her are a great couple because both are incredibly friendly.

-After meeting backhandfloater on this site, we found out we only lived a couple blocks from one another in Chicago. We actually hung out a number of times before he moved to Vegas. We would definitely meet up to play on the Gens console. (his gf would start fights with him when we would play at his house... it was pretty funny)

-I still can't do a backhandfloater

-KGman took a bus from Winnipeg to Chicago to party with me for a long weekend in which we had a blast

-HABS was my partner in the 2on2 league... arch rivals vs the dynamic duo of Jesus/Cam (wish the 2on2 league would come back)

-Won my first game back in over 4 years vs Swos (which he then proceeded to beat me down the next 4 or 5 haha)

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