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We need some sort of refresh for Dynasty, half the league is replacements and we are still in Year 1. Carse had a very good point in that Dynasty is a league where it's acceptable to flow in the background at all times.

But, what do we do? Personally I think we should redraft and have the players with set salaries but I'm also up for bidding because it's a unique experience that seems great to have here.

We could reformat it and we can make it even better. Personally I don't like how the rosters are uneven but then it is also called Dynasty which makes it seem kind of cool how a GM can build their dynasty.

We can discuss everything here.

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Make it so you have to have at least 7 defenders and 10 forwards? You have to use a different line each period and the only time you can sub a player from a different period is if you use the time-out? might cut back on hoarding talent and having nothing left for a bench....

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forgive the outsider's question, but do you not use fatigue and line changes on for the dynasty league? 12/6/2 minimums (substitutions upon injury only, with the option to let the replacement complete the game) and using a 4th line in the PP2 spot would make a lot more sense than grabbing the six best players you can and riding them to death.

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