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I dunno if this is the place to request this, but I really want to see this happen. If I'm off base, please tell me where to put this topic.

The last time I've seen a Sega NCAA Hockey update was in 2007, and as you might expect, a LOT has changed since then. I know there's a bunch of college hockey fans on this board, so I figure why not collaborate on an update for NCAA hockey to last us another 5-7 years or so?

I've already got the 30 teams I want in mind (Top 20 as of last season's year-end rankings), plus another 10 of my personal picks. I can't edit since I don't know how (and I wouldn't be very good at it anyway), but I can info dig for rosters and work on ratings for the Hockey East teams and some other east coast teams.

I'd love to hear feedback on this and hopefully get some people in on this. A generous man has worked on a more recent SNES edit, but the Genesis needs one BADLY.

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If you can find somone to do the graphics(or find the a version with the graphics), I can do the player/team editing.
Only demand is that UVM is in it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the 2008 Hockey East/WCHA rom, probably just gonna update that myself.

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