Blitz 08 - A/B, Replacement Coaches and Relocations


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A League

ANH - Plabax
BUF - Icestorm

CHI - Zalex

DAL - KingRaph

FLA - xdeathsbloodx

HFD - Carse

MTL - Freydey32

NJ - Houly

NYR - BoKnowsNHL94

PIT - Vocally Caged

VAN - Hokkee

WPG - eggink444

B League

BOS - Pearate

CGY - chaos

DET - gretzkyonacold

EDM - minpind

LA - dcicon5148

NJ - Wittgenstein

OTT - probob38

PHI - orangeblack92

QUE - kupucknhl94

STL - Iceguy94

TB - Sicarius Fulgur

TOR - jer_33

B League Replacements

Wittgenstein - SJ (Traded Houly for NJ)

Jer_33 - TOR

Free Cities

New York (Islanders)


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I'd like to switch my WSH roster back to Detroit please, where they were when I originally got them in Blitz 06

Seano - U can't take DET 1) Because that city has no team attached to it right now. The only option is for the guys in the league to transfer their existing roster to that new city, thus leaving their current city, and 2) You're not in this league. I think you're on the waiting list right? You'd have to wait for a spot to open up to get a team, then you'd be able to transfer the roster you have to a new city if you wanted

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Draft Order coming out later tonight, and if possible the protection picks will be done tonight,

Sweet, yeah the draft order will be important for potential trading of protect picks. I'll post the protection list right after the draft order, along with the established Blitz trading rules.

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