New bug? Player magically appearing

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I was playing NHL 94 on my Genesis last night and saw something happen that I think may have never happened in my game before. I was playing as the Hartford Whalers while going against the Chicago Blackhawks and I made a save with Sean Burke. Just as I was sending my pass down to center ice for the breakaway, I noticed that one of my defensemen magically appeared near Burke! I quickly took the shot down at the other end with Sanderson, paused the game and went into replay mode.

While viewing the instant replay, I noticed that Adam Burt was NOWHERE to be found on the ice. None of my players were in the penalty box at all, as there was no penalty being served. The replay confirms that when I made the save with Burke and prepared to set my breakout pass, Adam Burt just appeared near my net on the left side of my TV screen. Moving the target around with the replay paused at different times, I confirmed that Burt was nowhere to be found on the ice and then just magically appeared near the net.

This ever happen to any of you? Do any of you have any idea why this happened? I noticed that this particular bug was not on the list of Game Bugs at's main page, so I thought I'd post about it. And no, there was no star where the missing player just suddenly appeared, as I was controlling Burke when I made the save and Sanderson when he received the pass.

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