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The very first..... NHL 94 GM LEAGUE! Register here!

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I couldn't wait to put this up tomorrow and I was really bored, so here is registration for the 2 gm leagues, NHL 14/94 GM Mode, and NHL 94 GM Mode.


  • This'll be a leagues composed of simmed 20 games season. You'll have the option for you and your opponent to sim on netplay, or just let me sim it for you. So basically this will be on demo mode, with 7 minute periods, auto line changes, and no offsides.

Team Selection

  • Thanks to Kiba's awesome idea (The auction part), you will have 15 Billion dollars to spend on teams in an auction draft. Each team has a starting price, and you will have to buy at least 2 teams to be able to participate or else you'll have to go on the "People who don't listen to instructions" list so don't buy the Blackhawks if the price gets up to 10 Billion dollars so you can have 2 non '90s expansion teams together..
  • Your team will be composed of at least 5 forwards, 3 defenseman, and 1 goalie from each team you buy. So pull your top players from your 2 teams and put together some lines and practice!


  • You are expected to have fun. If not pass on your team to a new gm.
  • All un-manager-simmed games will be simmed by me after last day of season, so make sure you sim early and often.

Roster Moves

  • Money Trades, Suspensions, and Injuries are some rarities you'll get to see in this league so there will be a lot of rom updates so check back often!
  • I am limiting trades for the season to as many as you want, so people don't start the season with an amazing team with Lemieux, Roenick, and Belfour, and end the season with another amazing team with Gretzky, Mogilny, and Lafontaine.

Registration Limits

  • I'm sure that more than 15 people will show some interest in the 14 league, and more than 13 people will show interest in the 94 league so once players are discarded from their team owners, I will offer 3 expansion teams in each league so don't worry if you are on waitlist!

Visit the site at!

Any questions? Post them!

How to register.

Just comment and specify if you want 14, 94, or both.

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Ok, here are my thoughts of this. You have a lot of enthusiasm to run a league, but now I think you hurry on these things, like they could be build in a day. I think this need more careful planning and lot of implementation before league can even start to find GMs. Properly build league offers a lot of things to GMs and that takes a lot of time to built.

You should consider following things there:


Who can really sim games. You need to clarify that. The best solution is that people who do not participate as GMs on your league, will do this. How many teams goes to playoffs? You should also consider how to offer games as live to GMs. You can run league just by simming and posting the results, but people may want more, live games. Taking videos of games should be backup, not only option to see game for example from youtube as you mentioned in other thread.


Do you have code ready for statistics? People will want to see statistics, like in Bliz league. So, if you dont have code ready for make statistics to league web-page you have to code it. It would take a lot of time and effort. There is also injuries and suspensions, those should also be added to code. You should have these things ready before you think you can start to ask people to join your league.

Team Selection:

This is still bit vague to me (my idea was not awesome as you wrote, it has been done earlier in many leagues :) ). I didnt mean auction to teams. I think if there is money involved, each player should have salary and all GMs should have certain amount of money to spend to offers. Offers can be made many formats, but one good (and fast) way to do it is simultaneous offers. This all requires more work before league could start.

Roster moves:

"I am limiting trades for the season to as many as you want, so people don't start the season with an amazing team with Lemieux, Roenick, and Belfour, and end the season with another amazing team with Gretzky, Mogilny, and Lafontaine."

What does this actually means? Trades are limited somehow...ok, but how that stops building a team of stars? You should clarify how actually trading happens in league, what are the possible limitations, when deadline comes etc.


You should really try to run 1 league first and see how that goes. Dont try to run multiple leagues at same time on first run, running a league takes lot of time and effort if done properly. People would not like to see league stop when commissioner doesnt have anymore time or energy to run it. You should also prepare yourself that there is not much of interest towards simming-based leagues, although I hope I am wrong. :)

Good simming league offers:

- Easy access to large amount of statistics. All stats, injuries, suspensions etc.

- Easy way to make offers, trade, send lines etc. Sending lines should take injuries and suspension to consideration.

- Communication between GMs. One for not real-time, like forum and one for real-time like some chat-program.

- Live games where GMs can watch and communicate at same time. This can be implemented with two different software of course.

I dont say you have to agree with me and you dont have to implement all I just listed here. But these things make league more interesting and that way more GMs would like to join it.

What I suggest that you take a lot of time and put these things in order, this could be even take months, not build in a day. You may even lost interest when you see how much work this is if you run it properly. There is nothing bad if that happens if you havent promise people anything at that point. So, dont start enrolling to league before it is really ready to run.

Good luck with your league!

Edited by Kiba

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