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Just wanted to make a little post here, really just to thank the guys that make this community go round.

Just over a year ago I got a new job which involves over an hour on a bus to work, & over an hour back. Some days I can be sat listening to my ipod for 3 hours or more. I get back usually between 8:30pm & 9:00, just wanting to eat & collapse in front of the TV. Getting this job basically caused me to walk away from the '94 online leagues, but to be honest i'd switched off a fair few months before that.

After probably more than 2 years just constantly playing every league there was, including spending most of my work days playing exhis (I was running a place where I could just sit back & do what I wanted all day. lol) I had just started to get burned out & found myself playing just because, or because I didn't want to fall behind other B leaguers. lol. I was playing because I felt I had to, rather than because I wanted to, and wasn't enjoying it.

The change of job where I wasn't in the office with half decent wifi all day was a blessing in disguise. This year away I haven't missed '94 at all. Kept checking in on the forums but was never bothered about getting on AIM & hitting people up for exhis. Blitz was the only league I knew i'd still come back for, simply because it's so much fun drafting & using your own team you've moulded, and I didn't want to lose my place in that.

I actually got much more into Battlefield 3 & FIFA on xbox - Games I could just pick up for half hour at the end of the day, whether I was tired, bored or whatever, & where it was just fun. Didn't really matter if I was good at the game or not. I'd lost sight that '94 should have always been that way too.

Well, since King & Plabax teamed up to make Blitz 08 happen I found myself getting the buzz again, & it's gradually come back more & more once the draft actually started. I signed up for the 20 team classic season just to get involved again too, but not really bothered about it...............this past week i've spent looking constantly for exhibs to try out my new Blitz lines, and getting quite annoyed that no one in GENS D has been around to play Classic league games. lol. I'm absolutely buzzing about my Blitz 08 team, and have been quite surprised by how competitive i've been against some of the guys who were way better than me a year ago. It's amazing what enthusiasm & the buzz can do for your game, it really is.

So, anyway. I'm never going to be around like I was a few years ago, but I can definitely see me getting on more in the evenings a few times a week, and i'll definitely be on much more at weekends.

So, for you guys that have been putting all this effort in to make Blitz 08 happen I say thankyou. You've really brought me back into this again, but not just that, you've brought me back in with a smile on my face & a real passion for this great game from my childhood again.

& one last thing: With Kupuck walking away this weekend (I really hope not for good) in the face of the BS that often goes on around here I'd just say this: I'm the proof that ' is for everyone. You don't have to be a good player, it doesn't matter if you're A league, it doesn't matter if you win virtual cups...............The spirit of this great old game & just bringing people together to have a good time & continue the game's legacy should be what it's all about.

Thanks for bringing me the buzz back guys. Let's try & bring it to every new guy that turns up here, or every old guy that comes back again :)

Looking forward to a mountain of exhis, playing some Classic & smahing you Blitz B boys with Dino & Russ in the near future!! :grimace:

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stop bringing up kupuck,if he cant ignore little bs in 94 then hes a wuss and should go somewhere else and learn to become a man.if i ran away from every dick on here that trash talked me or called me s**t on aim id be gone 8 years ago.

he will be back doing exhis in a week,if not then oh well.

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Welcome back dude.

Hopefully we can keep the drama to a minimum and leg everyone get back to enjoying the game/community as Evan intended.

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