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SNES C, SJ finishes up the season on a low note

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After training for a few weeks while Boston grabbed their new coach, SJ fell, quite literally, to the Bruins in 3 of 4 games.

While SJ worked on finesse and speed during their lull, Boston apparently spent massive amounts of time devouring everything in the New England area, boosting their weight to an average of 1500 lbs per man. It's unclear if the ice was cracking or it was just the foundation of the arena, but there was a distinct edge for the Bruins when it came to staying on their feet. The Sharks couldn't keep their footing long enough to set up any plays, going 1 vs 3 or 4 multiple times. It was only the golden stick of Patty "Ohgodwhy" Falloon keeping the series close in any of the matchups.

Game 1 of the series was a "feeling out" for both teams. The Sharks were feeling the pain of having the monstrosities of Beantown thunder through, by, and over them, while the Bruins were feeling every square inch of the ever-open net behind Arturs "Ghostie on Goal!" Irbe. BOS 7 - SJ 2.

Game 2 has SJ scoring quickly to gain a 2-0 edge, but true to their Jenga-like constitution, they tumbled into a self-destructive spiral, losing the lead in the last minute of the game. BOS 5 - SJ 4

Game 3 was a good ol' "welcome to the shark tank!" by the Sharks. Unfortunately for SJ fans, they were perhaps too gracious to the visiting Bruins, giving up 4 straight goals and really not getting as close as the final indicated. The sharks were more than doubled in shots and almost doubled in checks. BOS 4 - SJ 2

Game 4 has the Sharks trying to save face at home, firing shots from every possible angle at an attempt to salvage something from the series. Once again getting out to an early lead only to blow it, the Sharks scored 3 third period goals to even the score at 4-4 heading into OT. WIth Cam "KICK HIS ASS SEABASS" Neely and Vladimir Ruzicka in the bin within the first couple minutes of OT, the Sharks had that special feeling of victory in their guts. Pucks and checks and penalties, OH MY. While trying to crash the net, Ed Courtenay got carried away, leaving himself in the bin to reflect on how literally he should take "crash the net." The game ended in a tie, with the Sharks feeling unsatisfied with no wins and the Bruins unsatisfied with the hotel room service menu.

Good series! It was fun.

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