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Hello everyone!

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Hey guys, my name is Matt. But I'd love if you called me by my awesome handle that I wrote myself! (to my knowledge anyways, someone somewhere has probably coined the phrase before, sadly.)

I'm a University student going to Trent U in Peterborough, I'm studying Journalism and another undeclared arts major. I'm a sports fan, I like my hockey, baseball, football, tennis and sometimes even obscure sports like basketball and soccer. (Yes that was a shot at both those sports.) But, really I am fan of sport, in general. Anything sporty is something I am interested in. I love hunting and fishing. And my name is Matt.

To be honest, I've only played NHL 94 a couple times, I'm not much of video gamer either, NHL 94 was actually released before I was even born (I'm a 1995 baby) and my nostalgic hockey video game was more 98' or 99' Blades of Steel, if anyone recalls those games? Anyway, I do love NHL 94 and would to be a part of what seems like a wonderful community dedicated to vintage gaming. I will be getting set up on AIM and everything over the next few days.

Cheers, Matt

PS. I can't say how much fun I've had writing word play on player's names from 90s, BureTheCompetiton just happened to be my favourite. Someday I may share the rest with you guys as well.

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Welcome to the site bud. love the handle!

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