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You are responsible for NOT drafting more than 4 skaters whose fighting rating is below 71.

Round 1 Monday 11-18-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Jeremy Roenick

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Mario Lemieux

9 AM New York (Insanity) Mike Gartner

10 AM Montreal (Mav) Steve Yzerman

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Mark Messier

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Bob Probert

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Steve Smith

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Cam Neely

Round 2 Monday 11-18-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Al Iafrate

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Kirk Muller

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Ray Bourque

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) Gary Roberts

6 PM Montreal (Mav) Dave Manson

7 PM New York (Insanity) Sergei Federov

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Marty McSorley

9 PM Boston (Seano) Ulf Samuelsson

Round 3 Tuesday 11-19-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Brendan Shanahan

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Jaromir Jagr

9 AM New York (Insanity) Rick Tocchet

10 AM Montreal (Mav) Esa Tikkanen

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Steve Chiasson

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Mike Ridley

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Kevin Hatcher

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Alexander Mogilny

Round 4 Tuesday 11-19-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Glen Wesley

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Trevor Linden

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Keith Brown

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) James Patrick

6 PM Montreal (Mav) Claude Lemieux

7 PM New York (Insanity) Tie Domi

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Paul Coffey

9 PM Boston (Seano) Dale Hunter

Round 5 Wednesday 11-20-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Alan May

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Kris King

9 AM New York (Insanity) Brian Leetch

10 AM Montreal (Mav) Phil Housley

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Joel Otto

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Jeff Beukeboom

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Gerald Diduck

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Gordon Murphy

Round 6 Wednesday 11-20-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Frank Musil

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Dirk Graham

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Rob Brown

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) Zarley Zalapski

6 PM Montreal (Mav) Bob Bassen

7 PM New York (Insanity) Joe Sakic

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Vladmir Konstantinov

9 PM Boston (Seano) Scott Stevens

Round 7 Thursday 11-21-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Calle Johansson

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Steve Leach

9 AM New York (Insanity) Ed Belfour

10 AM Montreal (Mav) Chris Nilan

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Vladmir Ruzicka

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Peter Stastny

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Wayne Gretzky

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Gino Odjick

Round 8 Thursday 11-21-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Patrick Roy

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Grant Fuhr

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Brett Hull

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) Link Gaetz

6 PM Montreal (Mav) Garth Butcher

7 PM New York (Insanity) Joey Kocur

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Kirk McLean

9 PM Boston (Seano) Shayne Corson

Round 9 Friday 11-22-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Grant Ledyard

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Gerrard Gallant

9 AM New York (Insanity) Bryan Marchment

10 AM Montreal (Mav) Scott Mellanby

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Rob Ray

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Lyle Odelein

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Michel Petit

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Mike Modano

Round 10 Friday 11-22-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus) Pavel Bure

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Jim Sandlak

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Kelly Buchberger

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) Troy Loney

6 PM Montreal (Mav) Ken Daneyko

7 PM New York (Insanity)

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Chris Chelios

9 PM Boston (Seano) Mike Richter

Round 11 Saturday 11-23-13

7AM Boston (Seano) Bob Sweeney

8 AM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Phil Bourque

9 AM New York (Insanity)

10 AM Montreal (Mav)

11 AM Washington (Jackand Jose) Bill Ranford

12 Noon Toronto (Jer33) Tim Cheveldae

1 PM Edmonton (CoachMac)

2 PM Chicago (Brutus)

Round 12 11-23-13

2 PM Chicago (Brutus)

3 PM Edmonton (CoachMac) Clint Malarchuk

4 PM Toronto (Jer33) Andy Moog

5 PM Washington (JackandJose) John Vanbiesbrouck

6 PM Montreal (Mav)

7 PM New York (Insanity)

8 PM Pittsburgh (Blitzburgh) Tom Barrasso

9 PM Boston (Seano) Jon Casey

Edited by CoachMac
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Boston gets Scott Stevens, Calle Johansson, and Shayne Corson.

These are official. I want Boston to be a decent club if we need a replacement coach. So these are the best available players and it is not a bad looking roster.

The 8th round is now complete.

Seano is now on the clock for his 9th round pick. If we don't hear from him tomorrow I will replace him.

Blitzburgh you may make your pick at 8 AM and we will proceed.

I will draft for Boston if Seano remains MIA.

I am not sure what to make of Seano. He has been logged into the site right before he was supposed to pick yesterday and he was logged in today when he needed to make 4 picks. He responded to my PM but gave me no picks.

Here is an update on the rosters:

Boston needs 1 F-fighter + 2 goalies.

Chicago needs 1 forward and 1 goalie. (1 skill pick left)

Edmonton 1 F-fighters + 1 goalie.

Montreal needs 2 goalies.

Toronto needs 2 goalies.

New York needs 2-D fighters and 1 goalie.

Washington needs 2 goalies.

Pittsburgh needs 1 D and 1 F (1 of these needs to be a fighters.) + 1 goalie (1 skill pick left)

So Brutus and Blitz are the only ones left that can pick non fighters.

Edited by CoachMac
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Seano is usually always on in the evening and is usually very active in the chats. Maybe he was just really busy today. He is very enthusiastic about playing on the site. Hopefully he jumps back in and can finish out.

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I am confirming this pick for Mav even though we are slightly out of order.

He communicated with me thru PM.

Mellanby would replace my Def pick for him from earlier.

JJ you are up.

Edited by CoachMac
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Montreal takes Daneyko.

This pick is not official until 6:59.

Mav if you want a different d-man make it here.

Insanity is up at 7 PM.

Still hoping to hear from Seano.

The HS Football Team I coach is playing for the Northern Nevada 4A Championship tonight so I won't be around this evening.

Lets keep it rolling. Post your line-ups on the Page Jer set up.

Rom is done except for finalizing rosters.

Short trading/Free agency period after draft.

Pre-season games next week.

Should we set a schedule with dates to play certain teams or just leave it open with deadlines?

Edited by CoachMac
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Come on boys, lets finish this up tonight.

I don't think a schedule is needed. Maybe some firm deadlines though.

I'll be on vacation starting tomorrow for 9 days. If for some reason I can't make my last pick or 2(I should be able to though) just give me highest available goalie.

Good luck tonight coach!

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Open dates should be fine - we've got a good group here.

I would also appreciate trying to get through the rest of this draft tonight (I can be available to make picks for others if needed). Most picks will be goons and backups - no sense in dragging it out.


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How about we just go open market after a certain time. First come first served.

Boston will remain in the league. We will find a replacement coach. I have a couple of guys interested.

I am all for getting it wrapped up.

Open dates it is.

Edited by CoachMac
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