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Fall Classic Playoffs Deadlines


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Hey Guys,

If you haven't noticed already, this season's playoff matchups are up on the site.

Fall 2013 Matchups

You can access it from the menu bar on the nhl94online.com site as well. Make sure "Classic '94-2013 Fall" is selected from the League Dropdown Menu.

To reiterate, 20 game leagues are best-of-5 series, and 40 game leagues are best-of-7 series.

Round 1 deadline will be Monday, December 2nd. First deadline is extended due to Thanksgiving holiday next week. We will be sticking to 1 week deadlines for each round after the first round.

I would like to get the playoffs done before the end of the year.

Please make an attempt to contact your opponent. Use the Schedule a Game forum and post a new topic, use PM, AIM, and email. You can get your opponent's email by clicking on their team name in the playoff matchup (which links to their team page). Email will be in the User Settings area on the right side of the screen. I would prefer that everyone email their opponent, as this yields the best results. If you cannot get their email, contact me (chaos@nhl94.com). I will get it for you.

If we see an attempt to contact the opponent made, and no response from the other coach, you will be awarded a win by FF.

In series where neither coach made an attempt to contact each other, it will be CPU vs. CPU to decide the outcome. Don't rely on the CPU to win the series for you. This will be done to help push on the playoffs.

If there is a reason you cannot play and need another week, please let us know as soon as possible.
You must contact either halifax, kingraph, or me via PM or email (My email is in my signature).

Logging games is the same as it was during the regular season. Games 5-7 (for best-of-7) and Games 4-5 (for best-of-5) will open up for logging if necessary. Log the outcomes of the games in order, please. If there is an issue (i.e. wrong game uploaded), please let one of us know so we can fix it. Get in the habit of uploading each game after it is played. This way, you don't end up logging Game 5 as Game 2, Game 4 as Game 6, etc.

We will be using a 99 min OT ROM for the playoffs. This can be found on the nhl94online.com site, in the Downloads section on the homepage. KingRaph also posted them in a topic on the forums. If you have downloaded the Gens or Snes Complete Package since before the season began, this should include the playoff ROM.

Since we are using save states and keeping stats, we need a game that doesn't end in a tie. With previous seasons, where we just logged games and did not keep stats, it was OK to end a game in a tie, and then start a new game until someone scored. With the 99 minute playoff ROM, we will be able to keep track of stats without having to do any magic.

To upload a save state, click on the "Log Game" link next to the game played on the Playoffs page (just like the regular season, either coach can log it). On the Log A Game screen, choose the file to uploaded, choose your name from the drop-down list, and enter your password. Then click Upload. Again, if there are any problems, please let one of us know (send me an email or PM).

Stats for the Playoffs (Team Rosters, Player Stats, and Team Stats) can be viewed by using the drop-down menu on the page and choosing "Playoffs". Box Scores are available by clicking on the "Game #" link on the Playoffs page.

Thanks to everyone who made this season successful! Good luck to everyone who had made the playoffs!

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Trying to get my games in with Pearate.

I'm online all day now since working from home. Obviously I can't play while I work but could schedule a time that's mutually beneficial.

Hit me up Pearate - let's get our games in.

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Okay, tomorrow is the deadline and here's where we are for GENS:

A: all done with round 1!

B: No series played. I think Witt is done with 94, no word from dcicon and I have not seen a response from Pearate to Sicarius. Also, no idea what is up with ProBob and Min. Post your schedules or else these games will be simmed. Don't want that.

C: Jagr/method...cmon guys. Don't want to leave this up to being simmed.

D: dcicon needs to respond to addison.

Lets go!

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