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Played some coop on SNES NHL '94 with a friend yesterday and the CPU got a penalty shot. My friend used the goalie and dove straight ahead when the attacker came close. I think the puck flipped and the player tried to grab the puck with his hand but froze in the "grabbing" position. Penalty shot mode ended after 5s and game went on to the next faceoff. Strangely the only player on the ice at the faceoff was the CPU center. He of course won the faceoff and got a breakaway. After that the game normalized.

I have seen many penalty shot related glitches before but not this specifically.

Worth noting is that if you dive with the goalie at a penalty shot the CPU player always freezes in the position you hit him.

When I think about this specific glitch that happened yesterday, the flipping puck and attacker trying to grab it, probably glitched the whole penalty shot so it didn't count. Cause it took quite a while before the whistle even if the goalie had the puck. Maybe both the goalie and the attacker were registered having the puck or something, I don't know.

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I am adding this here instead of starting a new one.  junior and I were crashing the net.  penalized, the player skated through the crowd and hopped into the box from the backside.  fun stuff.  we love this game.  I imagine lots of folks have seen this.  did we cause it by running a replay quickly after the whistle?

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