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Please help - Attribute definitions

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I was using NOSE to look up some player attributes in the classic NHL 94 rom for Gens and had a couple questions about several attributes. Could someone please define the following or how it benefits/hinders a player to have a higher rating in that category?

1. H/F

2. Agility

3. Aggression

4. Checking (is this the ability to B-check effectively?)

5. Stick left/right (why is this stat important to non-goalies?)

I tried looking around the forums for answers as I'm sure they're out there but I couldn't find them. If you could share any info you have, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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As far as I know...

1. All that matters is an even number is lefty, odd number is righty. The higher numbers don't matter because they were used for fighting ability in 93 and there's no more fighting.

2. I think agility makes guys not lose speed when they turn, maybe accelerate faster, and not get knocked over as easy (the animation thing where they don't fall down)

3. I think this makes the guy more likely to get penalties for hits and such.

4. This makes the AI check more. It doesn't effect checking ability as far as I know.

5. StL is Endurance for non goalies, and StR is Shooting Bias (higher number more likely to shoot rather than pass as an AI with the puck)

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there's a whole section for this and there are threads already defining this stuff.


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