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I was looking for some small wireless controllers that I could take anywhere with me, and I found two, the Steelseries free and iMpulse Controller. Here is my quick review.

both controllers are bluetooth, if your computer dosn't support it, just pick up a bluetooth dongle from ebay (I paid a buck)

Steelseries Free
small, little bigger than a credit card
dimensions 4.25 inch x 2.25 inch .75 inch thick
good construction
8 buttons, d-pad and two mini analog sticks
has a rubber coating
ios, android, windows support
fits nicely in your hand
battery is ok
really expensive @ $59.99

iMpulse Controller
really small, little bigger than a 1/64 scale car
dimensions 3 inch x 1.5 inch .5 inch thick
ok construction, you try and take it apart it will break
6 buttons, d-pad, and a mode button
cheap plastic
really light
ios, android, windows support
battery is ok
expensive @ $39.99










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This is slowly leading to playing '94 on phones. Thanks for sharing!

I've been able to play '94 on my Blackberry Playbook - but not with a controller, just touchscreen buttons.

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I have the Galaxy S4 by Samsung and with a big screen it is actually pretty easy to see. Hard to play with a touchscreen so a controller would definitely be needed.

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