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Was wondering if there are any community members in Texas at all?

I'm heading there on busniess end of January & wondered if there was any chance of using the chance to grab a Genesis & a 94 cart with controls. I'd also love to get one of those carts of Clockwise's rom someone was making last year, a weight bug fix rom & of course a Blitz 08 cart would be awesome!

Is there anyone able to help out on these things & meet up with me in Texas so I can pay & take collection?

Much appreciated!

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Haha. Yeah, I did think of that. I found this retro games store in Austin Texas, which is where i'm going:

Gonna reserve a console, couple of controls & a few games if I can can.

Wud love to get hold of some custom carts if I can in the future though! Blitz 08 & Weightbug fix carts would be awesome

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