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Hi from a French Penguins fan !

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Hi guys !

I came across your website recently and as a big fan of the NHL games and especially the NHL 94, I had to create an account ^^

My nickname is Yashide, I'm 30 and I'm from France. I discovered the NHL and became a hockey fan playing NHL 94. As a young french boy I knew nothing about this sport which is not exactly popular in my country...

My favorite team ? The Pittsburgh Penguins and obvioulsy my favorite players are Jaromir Jagr and Mario Lemieux!

Feel free to ask anything if you want to know more about me ;-)

By the way, here is an article I wrote about NHL 94 on my blog (retrogaming and 80s/90s culture) :


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In this weekend begins the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi , Russia. Although
less publicized than the Summer Olympics , it is still an unmissable
event for all budding athletes (well rather in snow or ice) and for me
it is always a pleasure
follow such an event , while allowing me to brighten up long days of work and little daunting motivating!

This is an article of fact that I will not tell you what my virtual
initiation and declare my love (Olympic ) for discipline at least
confidential in our country , ice hockey !

My first experience of hockey dates back to the early 90s with the game
Blades of Steel Game Boy , although small friendly game (including
phases of fight and penalties) but had not struck me more than that to

The " steel blades "

However, a little later, around 1993 to 1994 , two events have really made ​​me
discover the joys of this sport and ignored totally underestimated here.

What are these two events do you ask! Yes yes I know that you burn with desire to know!

Start with great cinema ...

Well, first of all, and this is not the video game , this is the trilogy of
films " Little Champions " (The Mighty Ducks VO, which led to the
creation of the NHL franchise same name
Anaheim) a small spark lit in me. For
the record, the first part (my favorite) tells the story of Gordon
Bombay ( Emilio Estevez ) , a lawyer (and incidentally former rising
star of the broken hockey career ) condemned as a work of general
to coach a team broken arms a decade. Of course, Walt Disney Production requires , after complicated
beginnings, the team will discover some talent, including young Charlie
Conway ( Joshua Jackson) , a state of mind and unwavering solidarity
that will lead to the top.

very young Josh Jackson

Fly, Josh ! Fly!

This flame is then permanently aglow when I discovered the game NHL 94 (Electronic Arts ) on the Megadrive . I
certainly do not owned the console since I was in the enemy camp , but I
was playing regularly because my father could hire , and some games,
thanks to its EC (see article).
And in the middle Sonic , Ghouls'n Ghosts and other Streets of Rage ,
the famous NHL 94, an early version of the highly recurrent EA license.

Let's drop the puck !

Let's go Pens !

Once the game started, the first step , the choice of a team ... The game is
on NHL license, all franchises of the time were so well represented in
the game Anyway, there knowing nothing , it must be
go groping ... I go from one team to another in the selection menu , I hesitate , I turn to the next, and so on. I come then to the letter "P" and the Pittsburgh Penguins team ... Moron
and fun as I am not much of me (" Ahahah too funny there's a team that's
penguins like I'll try
to play with them ") , it takes no more that my choice is this
franchise ( being also one of the best , which did not hurt ;-)) .

Mule style ... Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr , my 2 favorite players EVER

But let's get to the facts , this game had it special? And
certainly not his game modes, not very original (Exhibition , oddly
named Regular Season , Playoffs , Shootout goals ... ) .
As for its realism, difficult to judge when no one knows virtually nothing to the sport . In
terms of the range of movement available is quite limited, we go ,
pull, load ... As for entertainment and graphics , however , it is quite
amusing is fluid , it glides well , with a view
ideal for a good vision of the game And finally, what is the sound
environment , there are no comments yet but a few points are interesting
as the groans of the players after a violent charge , the traditional
organ played before the set , the audience reacts during hot sequences ...

A description of the significant forces before each meeting

I would still like to make one point about the realism of the game, which I went What posteriori account . I
did not understand that sometimes the computer removes her guardian and
I consequently found alone with the aim to have more than push the puck
into the net .
I hoped that at any time during the game I would have the chance to come across this situation and score easily. I
did not realize until later that it occurred at the end of the match,
where the opposing team had 1 or 2 goals down , to have a player of
additional field and expect to enjoy
numerical superiority to return to the score. I was also very amused when I first saw an NHL game on TV and that the situation occurred . Good as most of the time it resulted in a goal conceded ...

The end of the game approach, the empty netter is not far !

In short, from my point of view rookie , we can say that the bet is
definitely won with this game , especially since he managed the feat of
tape to play other refractory people to the base!
it not a guarantee of quality when you suggest the first time your
friend to play and he tells you " yeah it sucks blah hockey , you do not
want rather to Streets of Rage or DBZ ?
"And in the end the following times it is he who wants to come back?

Another goal for Mario Le Magnifique ! And a minor penalty for Jagr !

Accepted in my Hall of Fame ...

Yes, quite simply, that imposed this game in my life gamer , this is still
pushing permanent pleasure and always want to do one more game , and the
ultimate sadistic pleasure of popping the face of his friend against
Plexiglas without devastating loads!

Unhealthy satisfaction to send an opponent to the hospital: D

It does not take much to make me a hockey fan and supporter of the
Pittsburgh Penguins for decades to come ... And since that time , I
proudly part of pigeons that buy (almost) every year the updated edition

even if the changes are minimal ... for some it's FIFA or PES (ok I also had my period ... ) , for me it's NHL !

It took me until 2009 to finally see my triumph and Penguins win the Stanley Cup ...

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