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How can we have 24 coaches in GDL, when clearly only around 18-20 are interested in playing? It doesn't make sense that some coaches sign up for leagues and don't put any effort into playing.

It's fine if you don't reach 100%, as long as you show that you want to play and be a part of a fun league it's fine.

If you're "busy" or the deadlines are "rough", think of another excuse.

Some people who have a busy lifestyle (wife and kids, full-time job) are great at putting in the effort. In particular, kingraph and eggink are excellent at doing this.. They have fun playing their games and they manage to get their 100% GP completion, despite having more important things to worry about.

Others, I'm just not sure. They could care less about reaching the deadline and when they play it's not to have fun, it's just to get it out of the way. A game of NHL '94 takes 10 minutes, 70 minutes of your time per week is all the commissioner is asking.

LA Robbie (gretzkyonacold) - Seems like he's discouraged.. Does he even want to play? 5 Goals in 6 GP..

Zalex - Could care less about GDL, is clearly only focused on Blitz?

Minpind - Same thing as Zalex just throw in some Gentlemen's club..

Carse -

I know all 4 of these guys ^ ^ ^ ^ can play their 56 games.. But the reason why none of them have managed to hit the measly 7-game checkpoint is because they really don't care.. Especially since I see 3/4 of them online enough to the point where they could have easily hit 14-16 games.

Just step out if you don't want to play.

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I told Ice last week he could give my spot to someone else. I've reached a point where Blitz is the only 94 league that grabs me now. New job takes up a lot of my time & i've just found i'm not motivated to play other leagues. Can't see me signing up to Classic anymore either. I just signed up for GDL as i'd never played & wanted to see what it was all about, but I haven't got into it even during the draft, probably cos it feels like there aren't enough good players with the weight bug. Just my opinion, i'm sure most will disagree, but I hate my team with a passion, starting with my very first pick. If you're not bothered about the first guy you drafted there's a fair chance you won't enjoy the league I guess. Sorry guys.

If there's no one around to take my place i'll get the games in, but like you said, for me it'll just be to get it out of the way.

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I think a replacement coach in an advanced league should be picked by the commissioner based on talent & desire to catch a team up, not solely on your place in line.

I think when filling a league, you use next up, because you already know up front you are adding multiple guys & will end up w/ lesser talent blended on.

I know if a heavy hitter took my spot before I joined I wouldn't like it but would understand & waited for the next opening.

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Oh & FYI, I've been on a lot but haven't found any late night games last few weeks & even went try a few times in the day time. I'm known for playing my games, so I'll try to catch people again next week. Im pRobably tied up for this weekend.

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