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What if there is no spring classic?


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because, Plabby, I have no interest in your drama and dealing with people acting like gradeschoolers from the comfort of their own living rooms.

you want to throw controllers and pull plugs? you wouldn't dare do it in person.

you want to get all dramatic about folks being online but avoiding you? wouldn't be a problem in person.

you want to claim it's 5 to 2 on your screen while it's 4 to 3 on mine? couldn't be a problem in person.

I've played thousands of games on '94 (on both major systems); I'm in no hurry to get onlag to see how much it sucks in comparison. I'm here to make the game better (for me), not worse. I've been playing the game for twenty years. playing some chump from far away isn't worth the hassles of figuring out getting connected only to be frustrated by the inherent delays of long-distance gaming. you will not convince me that it is the same as playing on one system.

also, I don't give a quarter of a shit if you like my hack or not. I make it for myself and share it because I think it's the right thing to do. sharing it also leads to feedback and improvements and corrections.

go get worked up about something else. don't you have a league to ruin?

Yeah, great answer. You will find tons of people who will proceed to throw a controller right at your screen. Just because you are playing in person it's not some friendly candy-land :glare:

If you have played thousands of games on the GENS version, why are you always deliberately posting comments that make it seem like you have never played the game? For someone who just hates and hates on the GENS version so much, I do not believe for a second that you have over 7 days of playtime.. (1000 games = more than 7 days straight of '94)

"I can't get my computers to do anything online within a second, never mind a fraction of a second.".. Your HOBBY consists of making games and sharing them for people ONLINE..

I think you should take my advice (along with the other members on HFBoards who also think you're a faggot), and just STOP asking people for feedback about your shitty ROM, and move on to something else. Seriously, your NinetyFlow thread has 12 posts, 11 of which come from you, and 1 that states that clockwise is better than you.



Everyone should just look at these two threads and realize how much of a failure and a liar trudatman is, this is proof trudatman cares if other people like his shitty ROM!

You can also look at trudatman's post history and watch how all he does is correct people's grammar and piss people off.. LOL

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I'd like to apologize to the community for opening up this can of worms lol.

Trudat has good points about online... but at the end of the day for me they are all outweighed because playing online is still a fun experience for me. I think sometimes we can all take things too seriously. I try not to. That's probably why I like playing guys like hokkeefan (sorry buddy lol) even with his antics (not like he's the only one, he's just the funniest). I don't mind a little lag and I like smashing guys into the boards after the whistle. Sometimes I don't feel like playing because I'm tried or busy but I do it anyways because I want to be in the league because it's fun.

At the end of the day, we're all playing this 20+ year old hockey video game that we make leagues for and keep stats for playing online against strangers... seriously, if you aren't doing that for fun then what the hell are you doing it for? If the lag and hassles outweigh playing then trudatman is right, you shouldn't play online. And to him it doesn't, which we should all just say "OK" and not get all bent out of shape. I mean sure, I think he should try it too, but it's his life and maybe if we don't try to force him to play online then he won't try to force everyone to think SNES is so superior to Genesis :D

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Yeah sure we are here for fun, but what we are trying to find out is what exactly trudatman is here for. It's clear that he isn't here for fun like the rest of us, we are led to believe he is simply here to piss people off. Nobody is forcing him to play online, we are just wondering why he's always posting in the ONLINE league sections and deliberately trolling if he has NO interest for "onlag"?

He is like the Sean Avery of NHL '94, his comments are simply built to get people angry. He does this in ways such as blatant lies "I have played thousands of games on GENS", and if you had to think of a time you respected a trudatman post, you would be thinking for eternity.

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