NHL 2000-2010; 2 new roms

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So I've been working on 2 new roms off and on for a while. I presume most here have seen my deadline series, which is 7 roms for a 13 year period. I began thinking that was overkill, and really what interested me was capturing a team in a specific era rather than a particular year. To that end, I decided to make 2 new roms; one to cover 2000-2004 (until the lockout), and 2005-2010 (after the lockout).

In terms of rosters, it's 30 teams, with 9 forwards, 6 dmen, and 2 goalies each. Obviously the player selections for each team is a little subjective, but the idea was to represent core players. This means the star players who spent a significant amount of time there during the relevant period, or depth players who were there a long time. It also means the same player may appear on 2 teams in the same rom if he was a big part of two teams. It also makes the teams more even than taking a given season.

I could probably pick at these roms for a little while longer bug hunting and ratings tweaking, but I decided to put them up now. (Download at bottom)



-Splash screen



-Title screens


-Player pictures for every starter


-Scoreboard logo based on NHL 94 box art

-Clockwise sprite patch for improved uniforms

-Anniversary and alternate logos used as center ice when possible.

Other features

-Goalie trapezoid for post-lockout rom

-Other hacks such as assist fix, weight/checking bug fix, halved speed burst effect

-All team ratings (home/away, pp/pk...etc) set to average

I guess that's it for now. Hope you enjoy! Comments welcome.

NHL94 - 2000-4.bin

NHL94 - post-lockout.bin

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Love these. Thanks for your work. 00-04 is a pure wave of nostalgia. Forsberg tricking every game. Have you considered a 90's All Stars rom or something?

I actually initially had the idea to condense my "Deadline" roms (87,89,92,94,95,97 and 99) into 2 or 3 similar 'era' type roms, but I wasn't sure it was worth the effort and did these completely new ones instead. Maybe one day, but no plans to do it anytime soon. Just playing my 89 and 97 roms suffices most of the time for the nostalgia I am looking for to hit pre-expansion NHL, or late 90s NHL.

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is there a way to fix eric lindros ratings on the ny rangers? his speed and accuracy needs to be fixed.

What do you mean exactly when you say "fix"?

Either way, the roms are editable with the latest version on NOSE, so you can set them to whatever you like.

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