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I have noticed many roms use FF for the starter and back up goalie bytes.

I have heard that this allows or makes the computer pick your back-up sometimes with Line Changes: OFF.

Can someone verify if this is true or not?

If it is not. Why do this?

The default settings are:

75 GP = F

70 GP = E

65 GP = D

60 GP = C

55 GP = B

50 GP = A

45 GP = 9

40 GP = 8

35 GP = 7

30 GP = 6

25 GP = 5

20 GP = 4

15 GP = 3

10 GP = 2

5 GP = 1

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what?! I had no idea this was a thing. please expound.

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NOSE is what makes this easy.

I am not sure how it would work on SNES?

I guess you could find these bytes somewhere.

If you go to the goalie page in NOSE it has bytes up at the top.

You can add or delete goalies using this feature.

You may have 1-4 goalies, each has a spot for bytes at the top of screen.

Slots set to "0" bytes will be empty.

Then you just set the bytes to the appropriate GP's for a goalie in a season listed above, and they will be chosen by the computer in a similar type %.

I am just wondering about this FF feature because with Line Changes OFF you get the first goalie every time.

NOSE is an amazing tool.

I know you love SNES, but with how into editing roms you seem to be GENS is unquestionably the better choice because of this program and the 30 team rom.

Both versions of the game are great and very similar, especially if you fix the wt bug.

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I have made my own Genesis ROM, but it just didn't hold my interest. I found it much harder to do, much easier to screw up. even with all of the physics hacks that made it play better than the original, I still couldn't get into it enough to stick with it. for me it's not about creating a ROM with all of the features that I might like, it's about making a game I love reflect current rosters and implementing little tweaks. it's like "give up your tofu and eat a cow; it's what most people do so there are more awesome ways to prepare it." I still don't want to do it. how about you come over to our side and help us find the stuff that Genesis hackers have had access to for years?

so, the percentage that leads to the likelihood of the goalie being used by the computer... that's in '93 only, right? there's nothing that would make this work in '94, right? that's how I understand it. I didn't know there was a (vestigial) carryover of the bytes for that in '94. so much left to learn.

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The same applys in the Genesis version of 94.

Check in NOSE:

Some examples.


Moog 55 GP = B

Blue 23 GP = 4


Vanbies 45 GP = 9

Richter 35 GP = 6

It is not about sides to me.

I love 93 on the Genesis, my second favorite is 92.

94 is a great game, but you know I am a brawler, so it lost me plus the NorthStars went South and they renamed all the Divisions, and don't get me going on Bettman or the Instigator rule.

Really 1991 was the last great year of Hockey.

I've got a 1991 version of NHLPA 93 that is pretty much all I play.

On a side note...

I raise Grass-fed Beef if you ever want to give up your tofu.

I also really like your web-site. Do you still own that TV? Really Cool.

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I dig what you are saying about the Bettman era. I also really dig the '92 version, but I think they took a huge step back for '93. (the SNES version of '93 is absolutely unplayable.) I don't think the '94 games do anything with the goalie bytes in question. chasing out the starting goalie was one of the very few redeeming aspects of the later versions of the series.

do you think they'll get rid of the trapezoid when Brodeur retires? which version of the fighting engine do you prefer?

man, this post is all over the place.

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To the Original Post. The goalie bytes do determine who and how often a goalie starts when line changes are ON in NHL 94 on the Genesis. You can see it in NOSE and check it on Hockey Reference for accuracy.

I am going to test the FF thing tonight.

You are correct that you can't chase the goalie, but it does determine who starts.

What step back did they take in 93?

Better sound, better fighting (though both are great, 92 had no option of Pens off except fighting so fights either resulted in no one going to the box or having to play with all penalties on), player names were nice and the loss of logos was no big deal to me. 93 also had the most diverse ways to score IMO. Goalies were bad in 93 but we just outlaw certain moves and this becomes no big deal. All the versions had issues with the goalie the crease cut in 94 possibly being the worst one.

Anyway they are all great. The segathon guys are having blast with 95 and don't waste their time arguing about how so many people think their version stinks. They play and they party like its 199-. We could all learn from that.

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yeah. word. I play with penalties, line changes and fatigue (manual) on and I've never noticed a backup getting a start in SNES '94 games. where in the string of goalie data bytes is this part written in? is it the start of the code for each netminder or is it in the team data? I'd love to find it on SNES and see if it is possible to get a backup to start for the computer.

that television isn't mine, but I thought it fit the theme of hacked classics that my page runs with. my big issue with '93 is in overall playability. it's clunky and awkward and unbalanced and I think if '94 never happened I'd go with the original iteration. yeah, the fighting is cool, but I find the rest of the game to be very much lacking. I get why people like it, much like I get why people like '95 and others that followed, but '94 will always be my favorite.

this goalie thing is quite a topic and I'd love for somebody to prove that there is a way to make backups start for the computer in SNES '94. I had no idea it was a thing in the Genesis version.

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OK, I finally got around to testing this and I was wrong about back-up goalies getting starts in 94.

Even though the byte thing shows up in NOSE and it is accurate for number of games played in 92-93, you will always get the #1 goalie with line changes ON or OFF.

It does not matter and even if you set the bytes to equal values the #1 guy always starts.

93 is really cool.

With Line Changes OFF, you always get the #1 guy unless****

With Line Changes ON, you will get both guys.

I used Detroit and the Rangers for my test.

Vanbies actually was the goalie of record 43 games and Richter 37. The bytes are set to 9 and 8.

In did an 80 game sim start up.

Cheveldae for Detroit was the busiest goalie in the league in 91-92.

He was the goalie of record 70 times and his bytes are set to E or 15.

Millen was the goalie of record 8 times and his bytes are set to 2.

Riendeau was the goalie of record 2 times and his bytes are set to 1.

Here are the results at HOME the 1st Goalie plays more and he plays less on the Road.


#1 Vanbies 26 Home starts/22 Away starts 48 starts Total

#2 Richter 14 Home Starts/ 18 Away Starts 32 Starts Total


#1 Cheveldae 26 Home Starts/14 away starts 40 Total

#2 Millen 8 Home starts/ 16 away starts 24 Total

#3 Riendeau 6 Home starts/ 10 away starts 16 Total

****The unless part is if you have had Line Changes ON and then change them to OFF the game seems to forget the change when it comes to goalies and will still use the back up.

Another lost feature from 93 to 94.

To bad we can't combine the best parts of all these games.

Of course we would never agree on what the best features are.

Probably just what the EA guys faced in the 90's.

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Another cool discovery in 93.

If you are playing with line changes ON and then switch to OFF you can still get the back up goalie.

NY Rangers are the best team to test this with as VBees and Richter split times equally and are set to 9 bytes and 8 bytes.

This was a great feature in 93. Getting to see the back up goalies and in a proper % was cool.

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good stuff. I've got $20 for somebody who brings cool backup goalie action(s) to SNES '94.

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