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GDL XI Playoff Scheduling and Guidelines


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What this mess has been feeling like DuckHuntBox.jpg

That game is awesome so I assume you have been joining your time :)

got your last message too late, so tonight we'll play, my dear beloved friend FPB <3 I'll be online from 5pm your time.

just to clear things up: I don't mind anyone changing lines for gods sake. not even rage pausing after a goal. what I mind is ad/hd-type of start pump while the game is on and especially during goal scoring chance like last time.

dawookie: which one is more "talking s**t". fixing appropriate time with your opponent or shouting comments like that in the mix, instead of minding your own business?

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You have lost against plabax in 5 gms (thursday) no?

These were exhibition matches. The only reason we stopped playing is because he thought it was real and proceeded to skate back from my zone (After winning a faceoff) to his own on the PP with the lead (Aka being a faggot).

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PLabax advanced in 5 games over FPB. After discussion with both guys and KingRaph it was clear the games were the series.

I asked Plabax to load the games once the matchup is on site.

I'll PM Chaos and ask him to update both conferences.

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wow what f**kin kind of strategy is that lol

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