Blitz 08 "A" Finals - BUF (IceStorm) vs. DAL (KingRaph)


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And we have a new champion! GGs

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Congrats on another title! Sir Raph.

I watched Game 6.

I noticed all the goals but one were scored in the same direction.

Is this common? Makes Home Ice BIG!

Probably an anomaly -- I actually prefer shooting down. The first 5 games the road teams won.

Having said that, you'll notice that in every league (classic, Blitz, GDL), the home ice record is always better than away. Whether this is due to something in the game itself, or the general preference of people shooting up is unknown.

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CONGRATS KINGRAPH and the DALLAS STARS! Another Finals title....WOW! Definitely the MVP of the past year. Great player, great dude, and awesome bud! (hopefully I can pick his brain enough that one day I will win a title of my own lol)

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Congrats Mr.Kingraph !!!

And Good battle Mr.Icestorm,you will eventually win Blitz and Gdl.

You must have the record for the most appearances in the finals

Reigning defending runner up in Classic(King), GDL(Swos) and Blitz(King) yay. Probably most frustrating year i've had since i started 7 years ago.

KingRaph is no doubt top coach in game this year. Excellent defender, top 3 offensively and a very good GM = Top Coach. Classy guy too which makes playing him fun.

Going to be favorite and tough out in GDL XI too.

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Thanks guys, it was a great series and no doubt that Ice is definitely one of the best out there. Always great games vs him...4 of the 6 finals games were tied going into the 3rd! Having played numerous exis with Ice, this series was a toss up and I happened to have the better day that day.

Shout out to Zalex on a great semi-finals series. Zalex could just as easily have won, imo, he was playing great and I survived on the thinnest of margins there.

Also thanks to Freydey for commishing the league this year. It's never easy and at the end of the day we managed to have a successful season completed! SUCKS that you had to withdraw due to injury as you were the 2 time defending champ and the person I lost to in Blitz 07 finals. I really hope to see you return for season 09, where I can beat you in the playoffs properly. ;)


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hehe dream on haxboy, the only titles you can enjoy to behold are the ones where you didn't cross my path, don't worry i shall be there to take care of your fake "lady smozoma" cool guy attitude for season 09, with a BRAND NEW WRIST :o

meanwhile, Stay classy BOSTON!


**The previous statements we're made under the influence of a Subbanator

Sincerely tho congrats, we will wait for B to finish their cup-quest to set things up for season 09...who said all the slackers we're in A????

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