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Sign up Here for the NHL'94 World Cup tournament! See the Info/Q&A thread for info.

To sign up, post below with your AIM account, as that is how people tend to contact each other to play NHL'94. You can get an AIM account at http://www.aim.com/. You don't have to use the AIM software if you don't want to. You can use Digsby, Trillian, or even GTalk (gmail), among others.

Start Date: While not set in stone, I'd like the World Cup tournament to start the Qualifying stage in August, then have the Group stage in September, and the final Tournament in October. If successful, the second World Cup could start soon after completion of the first one, or it could be a yearly thing.

Commitment: You'll need to be able to play against 3 people per month, so it's not that much of a commitment. However, it's important that you can play each month and not hold things up.

Numbers: I'd like to get ~40 signups. 32 is, mathematically, the best number of coaches (it's a power of 2), but if we get more, I'll try to come up with some decent way to do the Qualification so everyone can play at least one stage.

  1. Wittgenstein (philiveyismyhero)
  2. Skeletor (Skeletor AndTheCosbyKids)
  3. hokkeefan (hokkeefan2)
  4. kupuck19 (kupucknhl94)
  5. LABS_66 (LABS_66)
  6. donnybrook (donnybrook94)
  7. dcicon5148 (dcicon5148)
  8. Brutus (brutus.khan)
  9. Freydey (Fredey32)
  10. Snyder (mikeplugsnyder)
  11. kingraph (KingRaph)
  12. etownbio (josh couper)
  13. Depch (harri.nissinen@gmail.com)
  14. Plabax (Plabax)
  15. jackandjose (judd_disch@yahoo.com)
  16. Seano7302 (20moris@sau5.org)
  17. XdeathsbloodX (XdeathsbloodX)
  18. jer_33 (hockeyboards@gmail.com)

Half-way+ there!

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From montreal, quebec.


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Cmon more sign UPS its a fkn world cup

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  • 2 weeks later...

we should do this on the 6-aside rom

That's a good idea (6-aside is a soccer-themed ROM someone posted ages ago, really neat). Maybe I'd do that as a sequel to the first tournament.

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I was playing ye old 6 aside rom just the other day. I've been a ghost however so down for this. Aim still a main way huh, is this community how that stays a float? lol

aim: nhl94shaftman

using facebook probably best way to reach me to schedule a game.

looking for some pick up aswell!

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I'm going to have to modify my old site code to get this to work with stats. I think I'll get it started in September to catch the new NHL season crowd.

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