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How to: Increase fighting per game

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Instructions on how to average 15-18 fights a game:

1. 3 lines only - Penalites off exepct fighting

a) powerplays don't have tough guys

B) penalty kills don't have tough guys

c) with penalties off you're able to hit more, slash more, be more aggressive starting more fights

d) the less tough guys on the ice, the less likely fights will happen

e) you can have 1 line only with no penalties but you have to edit the opposing team's lines to make sure all their tough guys are in order of replacing the other tough guys from a different line. ie line 1 leftwing is replaced by line 2 leftwing etc. This way if tough guy from line 1 is in the penalty box for fighting, injured for the period or game he is replaced by someone who will also fight.

2. Each line on the opposing team has to have at least 2 players with atleast 2 x 71's or 1 x 71 and 1 x 85 for fighting rank per line

a) left wing and right wing perferably

B) your team needs to have tough guys lined up against their tough guys ie your left winger their right winger

c) works best when your tough guys are forwards

d) the more tough guys there are the more fights there will be

e) have only players you want on your fighting with fighting ranks ie 71,85,100. 57's and lower don't gernerally fight but everyone else should be 0 fight rank. Otherwise you'll have your top players who are 14's up against 85's

e) the opposing team's tough guys aggression needs to be 100

f) the magority if not all your team needs to have aggression at 100. This will cause the opposing team's tough guys to seek out your tough guys if they can't fight a player with 100 aggressive but 0 fight rank

3. Fighting penalties need to be 1 minute not 5

a) if your tough guy is in the box for 5 minutes, he's not able to be on the ice fighting

B) making fighting penalty minutes 1 second does not increase the fighting but may increase the chances of your tough get getting injured on ice or during a fight because they have no time to refresh

4. 30 min periods - 15- 18 fights or 5 to 6 fights a period - 20 min periods you 12-15 fights or 4-5 fight a period.

a) the longer the periods the more hits, the more fights

5. With this step up fighting generally starts within 3 to 4 minutes of the game depending on how aggressive you play. Then translates to a fight every 3 - 4 minutes.

6. Your entire team needs 175lbs or lower including your tough guys.

a)With the weight glich in this game it translates to more brutal hits on opposing players causing more aggressive play and more fights.

B) player weigh does not affect fighting 100 fight rank at 245lbs is the same amount of punches to beat as 100 fight rank at 145lbs.


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