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NHL '94 movie - Lure of the Sirens

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Ok so it's up, but i'm annoyed because putting it on youtube (presumably after they compress it down to hell) has delayed the video/music sync slightly. If anyone would prefer a higher-quality version (~100Mb) which is synced as intended (disclaimer: I didn't say it was any good :D) you can get it here:

http://www.badgerz.net/sureshot/nhl94_-_lu..._the_sirens.avi (does about 1mb/s if you have the connection)

The thing actually took a night and a bit to put together, with goals from a period of about 2 weeks. Oh and some trivia: the #15 who scored (against one Mr. Belfour, no less) is one part of the worst Ottawa team I could possibly field on the ice; the catalyst... the superstar... the guy who skates so slow he makes Zamboni drivers redundant... give it up for David Archibald!


Finally, please give feedback, don't pull any punches, etc.

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Good stuff ss. But I think the Beasite Boys tune "Sure Shot" for music would have made a nice touch ;) .

On the one you scored in the empty net with your own keeper I've only done that once or twice over the years.

All these great vids give me incentive to add the rest of my save states to mine.

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