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TDL Elite Trade Deadline Week Official Trade Thread


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Each coach has a maximum of 5 trades. Draft positions are not eligible for trading, discuss/post/confirm any possible trade deals here. Trading will be closed Sunday, October 19 at 4 PM EST.

Buffalo Sabres (LA robbie): 2 trades left (P. Svoboda, D. Hawerchuk, U. Samuelsson)

Pittsburgh Penguins (LABS_66): 4 trades left (S. Yzerman)

Philadelphia Flyers (kingraph): 2 trades left (E. Lindros, R. Brind'Amour, M. Recchi)

St. Louis Blues (Icestorm70): 0 trades left (S. Quintal, K. Muller, B. Hull, C. Johansson)

Los Angeles Kings (Wittgenstein): 5 trades left

Boston Bruins (Skeletor): 2 trades left (G. Wesley, S. Richer, D. Manson)

New York Rangers (Clockwise): 5 trades left

Washington Capitals (Snyder): 4 trades left (A. Iafrate)

Previous Official Transactions:

1. Houly (BUF) sends Grant Fuhr (G), Pat Lafontaine (F) to LABS_66 (PIT)

2. LABS_66 (PIT) sends Kevin Stevens (F), Ulf Samuelsson (D) to houly (BUF)

3. Houly (BUF) waivers Randy Moller (D)

4. LABS_66 (PIT) waivers Ken Wregget (G)

5. SOH (WSH) sends Zarley Zalapski (D), Calle Johansson (D) to Icestorm70 (STL)

6. Icestorm70 (STL) sends Brendan Shanahan (F), Jeff Brown (D) to SOH (WSH)

7. Icestorm70 (STL) waivers Rick Zombo (D)

Current Official Transactions:

1. LABS_66 (PIT) sends S. Yzerman (F) to Kingraph (PHI)

2. Kingraph (PHI) sends E. Lindros (F) to LABS_66 (PIT)

3. Icestorm70 (STL) sends K. Muller (F), S. Quintal (D) to LArobbie (BUF)

4. LArobbie (BUF) sends D. Hawerchuk (F), U. Samuelsson (D) to Icestorm70

5. Kingraph (PHI) sends R. Brind'Amour (F) to Larobbie (BUF)

6. Larobbie (BUF) sends P. Svoboda (D) to Kingraph (PHI)

7. Snyder (WSH) sends A. Iafrate (D) to Kingraph (PHI)

8. Kingraph (PHI) sends M. Recchi (F) to Snyder (WSH)

9. Icestorm70 (STL) sends C. Johansson (D), B. Hull (F) to Skeletor (BOS)

10. Skeletor (BOS) sends S. Richer (F), G. Wesley (D), D. Manson (D) to Icestorm70 (STL)

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St Louis Blues in Elite would like to put the following players on the trading Block:

Brett Hull

Brendan Shanaban

Curtis Joseph

Willing to package and downgrade G for decent offer.

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Pittsburgh would like to announce a trade with Buffalo:

Kevin Stevens and Ulf Samuelsson for Grant Fuhr and Pat Lafontaine

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Pens drop G- Ken Wregget and Sabres drop D- Randy Moller

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  • 2 months later...

Blues Send

Kirk Muller

Stephane Quintal

to Buffalo for

Dale Hawerchuck

Ulf Samuelsson


kingraph (PHI) trades Rod BrindAmour


LA Robbie (BUF) for Petr Svoboda

and done

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