NHL '94 Player Ratings Page (Filterable)

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I started working on a project that could filter NHL '94 players in many different ways a few years back, but I never had time to finish it. Recently a friend decided to help me out and now we have a first version to be released. I don't know if something similar has been done before. I haven't seen it at least.

Here is what I am talking about:

Some things you can do:

Filter players on all attributes, like speed, shot power, passing, checking etc.

Compare players by ticking the checkboxes on the left side.

Click a players name to see if there are similar players. You can even select tolerance from 0 to 50 rating points.

Columns are clickable so you can get the players ordered from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

Thanks to c4outlaws for adding all the player attributes manually. I didn't know how to extract the stats from the rom at the time.

And thanks to Laz for finishing the programming that I started.

Hope this can benefit you guys. If there are other functions you'd like to see please let me know.

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Ray Bourque, Kirk Muller, Gary Roberts & Larmer all qualify for those standards.

But since Checking doesn't factor into if you knock a guy down, Mario still reigns supreme. Checking is only for how often the CPU controlled Neely checks the guys around him.

Not taking away from Neely's value in SNES, btw.

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Hmm ya I was only looks at forwards, but for some reason muller Roberts and larmer didn't come up. I must have had another filter on.

Does the checking rating really not factor into whether the check is successful or not? I know I've read that in the forums, but find it hard to believe. Aren't the small guys with high checking ratings better at knocking guys down compared to small guys with low checking ratings?

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