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So I've been working on a spreadsheet that randomly creates a pool of players that can be imported into NHL95PC for the NCAA mod I play with. I just completed it and it occurred to me that others may find it useful for creating draft pools for simming seasons beyond one year. The pool is created in a format that can be pasted into the csv file that Kiba's roster extractor/importer creates. There might still be some bugs in it as I haven't tested it too much yet. But it is setup to be modified pretty easy in terms of adding cities/states/countries/provinces/names. I won't go into too much detail unless somebody tries it out and asks specific questions.

My ultimate goal is to use the latest tool Kiba wrote to generate player stats based on their ratings so that it can be dumped into NHL95 databases so that simulations are accurate. This would lead to the possibility of an externally run franchise/dynasty mode for NHL95PC.

Please don't hold me responsible if the macros destroy your computer.


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Excellent file, way better than what I had done in the past! I might tinker with it to get more variety in player types (physical defender, small skilled forwards, etc.)

And I will try to add to it. In the past, we used to do our drafts without seeing the attributes; instead, we would have a "player profile" in excel with goals, assists, +/-, and hits - all based on the hidden player attributes, plus a bit of randomness in there so that it wouldn't be a given that the best player would be taken. It seemed more realistic that way.

Quick question though... What do the columns...

6 - POT

7 - COM

8 - OVR

... refer to exactly?

Thanks for the file!

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Wow I didn't think anybody would use this. The original intent for this project was to integrate it into an NCAA dynasty type mode. I have never finished it as I have been distracted by the NHL15 mod I have been working on. Nonetheless those attributes were meant to be used in the dynasty.

POT - Potential. This would be a randomly assigned attribute that is used at the end if each season to determine how much the players skill attributes would increase. The higher the number the better they get over time. This could be implemented into an NHL franchise type mode as well.

COM - Commitment. Another randomly assigned attribute that is used at the end of each season to determine if a player leaves school early or stays for another year. I planned on linking it somewhat to how good the player is since really good players are more likely to leave early.

OVR - Overall. NHL95PC does not have overall ratings. I was attempting to create a function to calculate the overall rating but haven't found a good formula. The overall rating is necessary so that I can write some code to automatically recruit players. High prestige schools would recruit better players. Lower prestige schools get the average players.

I'm glad somebody finds useful. Good luck with your modifications.

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