Fall'14 GENS Classic Season Format (new)


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I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that this season the GENS classic will have a slightly different format.

The main “A” league will consist of the top 20 coaches, and the teams will be selected by a draft. I will break down the registered coaches into 5 groups of 4 based on relative skill level and the groups will draft their teams in this order:

Group 1 – Top "C"/Low "B"
Group 2 – Mid "B"
Group 3 – Top "B"/Low "A"
Group 4 – Mid "A"
Group 5 – Top "A"

I say relative skill because I will do my best to slot folks appropriately, depending on who signs up. The above list is just an example. I will use historical results, my own playing experience and discussions with you all. Each group of 4 players will be given a random draft order, but the idea is the weakest teams go to the top players and vice versa. You will be free to choose whatever team you like when it’s your turn to draft as long as that team hasn’t been chosen already. While there can be an endless debate on which teams are best, I would use this thread as a general guide.

There will be a second “B” league with the same concept, but it will be one large group with a random draft. I likely won't put people in groups because it's tough to determine the skill level of our new guys. I will cap the registration at 40, as there will not be a 3rd league. Anyone signing up after will be first on the waitlist. Considering that we are just about guaranteed to need replacements each season, this is okay. Coaches can also be replacements between the two leagues if needed.

There will be 2 conferences and 4 divisions. Each division will consist of 5 teams. You play teams in your own division 4 times, the other division in your conference 3 times, and 3 different teams in the other conference twice and one more team 3 times. That will be 40 games total.

Each group of 4 teams go into a separate division, based on the random draft order. That means the 5 teams in each division will have one coach from each relative skill group.


Group 1
Team 1 – Division 1
Team 2 – Division 2
Team 3 – Division 3
Team 4 – Division 4

Group 2
Team 5 – Division 1
Team 6 – Division 2
Team 7 – Division 3
Team 8 – Division 4

Group 3
Team 9 – Division 1
Team 10 – Division 2
Team 11 – Division 3
Team 12 – Division 4

… … etc


Division 1 will have Team 1, Team 5, Team 9...

Division 2 will have Team 2, Team 6, Team 10...

and so on. Hope that makes sense...it you don't get it, it should be clearer when we draft.

I'm very excited about this format. This will allow for more people of various skill levels to compete against one another in a balanced way. More details will come once registration closes, but feel free to ask questions with replies to this thread.

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