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Fall'14 SNES Team Selection draft.


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There's 17 teams this year. Top 8 overall records will make the A playoffs, the next 6 will be in B, and the rest will receive pumpkin stickers.

1.Kashim - LA

2.pondhcky - BOS

3.BlackDevil19 - PIT

4.Joe Baker - CHI

5.tylerdeanhill - DET

6.kupuck19 - MON

7.brutus - NYR

8.Hazmat13 - WIN

9.Rmac111 - BUF

10.Shaftman- VAN

11.c4outlaws - QUE

12.BoKnowsNHL94 - CAL

13.annatar - WAS

14.stheds2000 - TOR

15.NorthwayNative - STL

16.BobKudelski26 - EDM

17.fenty62 - PHI

Post your pick here when you are up or send me an email with a list.

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Pond takes Boston? SHOCKER!! lol.

Halifax, are you messaging people when its their turn or just hoping they see the forum thread? It would be nice to get messages out so it speeds up the team selection process.

ive been messaging/emailing guys but any help from you guys would be great too...ie letting those guys know when their turn is coming up.

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I sent joe baker a couple emails and asked him to pick by 7PM EST, otherwise ill give him a team.

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