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Fall'14 GENS Divisions & Other Info


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Chaos will have the site up this week, and he will also post information on the schedule, deadlines, how to upload, etc. All the good stuff you need to have a successful season!

In the meantime, here are the league divisions and schedule, followed by some other useful information to help get you guys started!


"A" League

Eastern Conference

jer_33 - BUF
skeletor - CGY
Fitzo - MTL
minpind - EDM
Depch - STL

orangeblack92 - CHI
Snyder - TOR
Gretzkyonacold - QUE
Sicarius Fulgur - LAK
clockwise - PIT

Western Conference

redbonzai- VAN
Jackandjose - DAL
RoBro - NYR
donnybrook - PHI
Uncle Seth - WSH

NorthwayNative - WPG
brutus - BOS
dcicon5148 - HFD
kingraph - NJD

"B" League

Eastern Conference

skip - DET
etownbio - TOR
zeppelin55 - WPG
Lupz27 - NYR
TexasPachyderm - NYI

XxBDIDDYxX - MTL replaced on 10/28/14 with skeletor
egorde - BOS
Darko99 - DAL
jvc621 - PHI

Western Conference

saibacuochi - CHI replaced 10/27/14 with Millertime2325
jagr68 - BUF
SoCalKing - LAK
MrDiamondJ - EDM replaced on 10/29/14 with Jackandjose
MrSandman - PIT replaced on 11/3/14 with methodm3n

wwojo75 - VAN
Culls17 - CGY
BARDOWNBEAR21 - QUE replaced on 10/28/14 by jer_33
Chefstar88 - WSH


The schedule is slightly different for A & B, so please note that. Both leagues are 40 game seasons.

In "A", you play

* your own division 4x (16)

* the other division in your conference 3x (15)

* 4 opponents in the other conference (9)

In "B", you play

* everyone in your conference 4x (32)

* 4 opponents in the other conference (8)

You'll see the entire schedule up on nhl94online.com later this week, but for now, you can play your division and conference opponents in at least 2 games, or 4 if you have them. Split home and away.

Remember to keep your savestates!

HOW TO: Create a Savestate


16 teams make the playoffs in both A & B, 8 teams from each conference. Division winners are top 2 seeds. Next best 6 make the playoffs. Top 4 seeds stay as is, bottom 4 seeds will be based on win% (in case of slacking). If everyone plays all 40 games, then it's all the same. All series are a best of 7. No reseeding after each round.

You get -2 points for DNPs. Let's avoid that and get to 100% games played!


For the new guys, there's a few ways to do this. First, everyone should have been invited/added to a specific AIM Blast Group for Classic. There you will find the AIM of everyone in the league. If you haven't gotten in, let me know! Shout there when you're online, or see who else is online and play your games! That will likely be the main way you will get your games done. I anticipate about 50% of your games will be easy to play that way, as you'll likely run into people with similar schedules.

Later, when you can't find people to play, you can post your availability on the forums in the "Schedule a Game" section to try and set up a game. Keep checking the forums, as others may post too!

Finally, you can Private Message (PM) someone specific as you get towards the end of your schedule. The links to everyone's forum name is in this post above, so I've made it easy to find you! You may have to do this towards the end when you have a couple buds left to play. Best to set up a specific date and time.

Well, that's all the information I can think of to share right now. Again, keep an eye out for the official start of the season post from Chaos. The season will likely be 5 weeks long starting this upcoming weekend. You can play all your games right away! No need to wait until the final minute.

Cheers, and good luck to all!

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