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TDL Major S2 Stanley Cup Finals: PIT (brutus.khan) vs. BOS (minpind)


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The final stage for TDL-M is set, with two top notch teams with sights set on taking the Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins and coach Brutus have been on a tear this season keeping atop the standings with a high power offense and elite goaltending. Their final challenge lays in the Boston Bruins coached by Minpind, a team which has made wise acquisitions adding depth allowing this team to play a full three lines which has enabled them to battle into the #3 seed coming into the playoffs. Best of luck to both coaches, deadline for the finals will be next Sunday 11/30.

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Congrats to Minny. Well played.

I'll take my moment in concession moment to byatch about long delays from seasons ending to playoffs, and then again, playoff delays. Last time I played w/ my team was 9/24, minus my series w/ Kupuck that I almost got swept in that as well.

Donny's format of forfeit if you don't get them in works better for me. Tight restrictions will lead to more seasons getting played, and a few more guys actually getting to their games quicker if they knew they were gonna miss their season. Don't always have to have DNP's. I think a FORFEIT stat should be used in regular season & in the playoffs, not DNP's.

Also, if you know you might get forfeits, you'll hesitate to join up into too many leagues. I'm currently in too many, but they all drag so much that I'll end up finishing them, and I use the down time when I can't reach anyone for one league to play another.

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