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Pitt is so hard to beat, they have so much talent. When Pitt gets around the net, they are like hungry sharks. Pitt usually does not miss or hit post, usually all close shots go right in, and if there is a rebound, they will pick it right back up, and keep attacking the goalie, until they drop one in.

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Yeah great series against a great bud with a powerfull team!!!

I wanted to win a 2nd one but posts and PIT guys have wanted otherwise!!!

Congrats to Labs for his President Trophy!

And i apologize to Kingraph not to have won another!

King i did my best!!! But Labs deserves it and really wanted it with his incredible come back in the last minute of game 4!

Thx guys for the season and see you in playoffs!

Good luck to everybody!

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Thank you again Darko, great bud also with a love for the game. I can't wait for playoffs! Now that everyone has a season full of games under their belts I see alot of improvement in everyones' teams. Don't let the records fool you, its anyone's Cup now. LET'S DO THIS! GOOD LUCK EVRYONE AND HAVE FUN!

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We did not extend the deadline.

Great Call Labs and what a great league top to bottom and it came down to the last day for the Presidents Trophy.

For the 7 and 8 seeds. The 7 and 8 seeds gave #1 and #2 all they could handle at the end of the season.

Darko gave away the Lady Byng trophy on the last day and it seems to be paying off. If you look at St. Louis's improvement at the end of the season it is now Darko has them playing with a physical edge. That said Skeletor won the Lady Byng and has LA firing on all cylinders with a finesse game. Every team seems to be hitting their stride.

I will have an end of regular season write up and playoff preview and playoff rom and instructions all posted later tonight.

Now lets raise the bar/ keep the momentum going and knock the playoffs out quickly.

Try and schedule your first round opponent for tomorrow night.

Lets play all 4 series in 1 night.

Here are the matchups.

Coachmac and Deadmeow Already scheduled.

Labs66 and Jer33

KingRaph and Darko99

Skeletor and Lupz27

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How are you compiling these stats?


It is awesome but you are missing games.

Is that from games without a screenshot?

I can add a couple more trophies with this data.

Yep, just based on screenshots available. I typed in shots and goals for both teams in Excel and made a pivot table to calculate the results. I can email you the file if you want.

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