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I have problems with AIM! Help?


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Just that I was so desperate to try out online NHL '94 and I have some problems with creating an AIM account.

Don't judge me, but I don't have a phone, so I can't make an account.

I sort of find this a problem, and was wondering if anyone could be so generous as to help by making one for me or something. :blush:

Anyone? Please?

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I mean that it needs a text verification and it sends the code to a phone number, the problem is that I don't have a phone.

Yeah, I just looked at that. Sorry for the confusion. Not sure there is a workaround.

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AIM sucks. who still uses America Online besides folks here?! and now they won't let you play unless you give them your government-issued tracking device data? so many better options abound, but all you'll get here is "it works for us and it's what we've always done." bunch of eliti--

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Surprising you need a cell phone now...hard to imagine they can't use an e-mail verification. Glad I signed up in '97.

Also, the Tecmo guys use AIM.

Yeah, most websites use an email, but phone verification? :glare: Maybe I'll get a phone then..

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