GDL XII Logos and Uniforms

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The logo attached is the one I want PLEASE!

I will tweek the uniforms once the first rough draft of the rom is ready, thank you!

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Actually how do you change the logo in a rom? I am the Pens for every league except for Fall Classic League (only because of weight bug) so I would like to change it every season I play with them. Never really liked the hummingbird style logo haha

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Hey DaDaonch, I was thinking either of these. If the ROM from last year had the black pants, I am also cool with that. I am basically cool with anything like these hahaha. Not worried at all about the black trim. Thanks!



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Logos have been changed on the draft site and will be on the ROM too.

Here are the uniform changes so far. If you need any other alterations please let me know.

















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this made my xmas.


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Exactly what I would have done for the Pens.....thank you for your time!!!!!

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Hey Doncha,

If you're still available to do jerseys, can I PLEASE get the LA Kings' whites to be changed to a hint of light grey? It's purely for visibility reasons. So basically replace all white with a very light shade of grey. The black jerseys are fine the way they are. Lemme know if this is possible still.

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Hi man!

I gonna play wth Detroit Red Wings and i just want to have my team in the ROM!!!


For the uniform i let you do.

Official colors of this year or 94 ones.

The more simple for you.

I don't want to give you too much work. :)

Thx a lot man!

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