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What should the playoff format be?


What should the playoff format be?  

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  1. 1. What should the playoff format be?

    • Seeds 1-4 make playoffs- 1vs4 2vs3 bof7 - finals bof7
    • Seeds 1-4 make playoffs- 1vs4 2vs3 bof5 - finals bof7
    • *Current Setup* Seeds 1-3 make playoffs, 1 BYE, 2vs3 bof5, finals bof7
    • Other? Please indicate in thread

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I understand this is Frey's winter classic and he can choose how he wants to run it np. But how would you guys want the playoffs setup?

Personally I like 1-4 seeds in and 1vs4 and 2vs3 bof7 and bof7 finals

This way:

1. More games for more people is always great in 2on2! Grows the game allows new people to play some very competitive games. Gets more ppl hooked!

2. Seed 1 will still get rewarded with their good play with an easier playoff matchup which they will be heavily favoured to win. While seed 4 gets a very exciting chance to pull off a huge upset.

3. Bof7 is the best validation of the best team compared to bof5.

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What about this:

1st team gets final bye

2nd team gets semifinal bye

3rd and 4th plays bo5 to play on semis

Kinda like memorial cup

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