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Stanley Cup Heaven - ROM / Tournament?

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I was watching some archival Stanley Cup footage on NHL Network recently and it was pretty cool.

Got me inspired to make a ROM with nothing but Stanley Cup Winners. I know Slapshot67 did a ROM with the greatest teams of all time, but I would love to create a new rom with weight bug fix and Y-button goalie control.

The other difference will be that this will have nothing but Stanley Cup Champions.

Here's a collaborative list...

updated December 27, 2014

'52 Red Wings

'56 Canadiens

'61 Blackhawks

'63 Maple Leafs

'72 Bruins

'74 Flyers

'77 Canadiens

'82 Islanders

'84 Oilers

'89 Flames

'92 Penguins

'93 Canadiens

'94 Rangers

‘97 Red Wings

'99 Stars

‘01 Avalanche

'03 Devils

'04 Lightning

'07 Ducks

'09 Penguins

'11 Bruins

‘13 Blackhawks

'14 Kings

One challenge with designing the ROM is that you wouldn't want to repeat teams with the same core star players. For example, I wouldn’t include both the '77 and '78 Canadiens because it's too redundant. However, the ‘56 team with different core players (Richard and Beliveau) would make it.

If anyone’s wondering how I choose specific years when teams won several cups with the same players, my formula was basically to choose whichever team had the better regular season record. I also googled “best hockey teams of all time” when I started making the list. Feel free to make suggestions to improve the list.

If enough people are interested, I'll start a Google Drive spreadsheet for the rosters.



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Love it!

and your list.

I would go with Philly in 74 though over Philly 75.

You could also include Montreal '93. All new guys.

I also like staying away from players being on 2 teams.

the only issue in your list is I believe Red Kelly was on the 55 Wings and 63 Leafs.

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I'd include the 09 Penquins, 2011 Bruins, and the 2007 Ducks, 2004 Lightning, and possibly 2006 Canes. And I might swap the 2010 blackhawks for the 2013 Hawks, but that is just opinion.

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I have an original 6 rom that i'm slowly chipping away at with some of the years you have above. Let me know if you'd like any of those rosters to make things quicker. I know not everyone rates players the same, but could be a good template to start out on.

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Awesome feedback.

I edited the OP by adding some teams and switching some years. I'm inclined to stick with the '13 Hawks, because they had the longest undefeated streak in NHL history (30 games), and I thought they were more dominant that year.

I just created a Google spreadsheet for the rosters that anyone can edit:


Rosters will indeed be tough. It probably makes sense to do the most recent teams first and use data that already exists from recent (Clockwise) ROMs. One big question is whether to use the classic '94 ROM where skills attribute ratings that go on a scale with a maximum of 6 or to use the new Clockwise ROM where skills ratings go up to 15.

Speaking of the ROM, I was thinking this should be based on the GENS weight bug fixed with Y-button goalie control enabled.

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Looking back at the stats, I think you need to change the 55 Red Wings to the 52 Red Wings.

'52 Red Wings 100 pts 8-0 in playoffs (1960 Canadiens the only other to go 8-0 in playoffs)

'55 Red Wings 95 pts 8-3 in the playoffs

Plus Gordie Howe was better in '52 and he is the premier player people will know.

It was also Sid Abels last year.

Both teams have Terrible Ted Lindsey, Alex Delvecchio, Red Kelly, and Terry Sawchuk

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