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Fall'14 GENS Regular Season Awards


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Awesome Bud Award (for being awesome)

Halifax and Chaos (tie). 3 in a row! Many thanks for all your hard work and making this a successful season!

100% GP Buds (The ultimate buds who played 100% of their games and made my life easier!)

brutus (A)
Chefstar88 ( B)
clockwise (A)
Darko ( B)
Depch (A)
Jackandjose (A AND B)!!!
jagr68 ( B)
jer_33 (A AND B)!!!
jvc621 ( B)
kingraph (A)
Lupz27 ( B)
mikey_mac94 ( B)
minpind (A)
Sicarius Fulgur (A)
skeletor ( B)
skip (A AND B)!!!
TexasPachyderm (A & B)!!!
wwojo75 ( B)
zeppelin55 ( B)

The Tony Twist Hard Times Award (Our favorite award! No matter the record, this award goes to those who play their season and have a fun time, despite the record)

WINNER: jvc621– A new guy who drafted Philadelphia, which can be a tough team to use when starting out. jvc621 finished 7-33, playing all 40 games, which is plain awesome! I hope to see him return next season and get a better team to compete!

Runner Up: Chefstar88. Winner of the award last season (1-19 with Anaheim), also finsihed 7-33 this season with Washington. Continues to improve, and will love to see him back next season for a shot at the playoffs

The Teemu Selanne Rookie of the Year Award

This was a tough one because we got some amazing new buds this season! But the winner is skip! Skip played all 40 games and finished with a 32-8 record with Detroit. In addition, skip took over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the A league and finished all 40 games there as well! If that wasn't enough, skip has been updating the latest ROM for NHL'15 and helping with the latest GDL ROM. He's always responsive and helpful, and we're lucky to have skip in the community!

Now, having said that, I need a major shout out to the following runners-up!

TexasPachyderm: Finished his rookie season with all 40 games with the NYI (not a good team) with a 19-21 record. Also replaced Hartford in A (not a good team) and finished all 40 there as well. Super friendly, always up for exis, just an awesome dude!

Darko: Our new bud from France was able to knock our all 40 games in his rookie debut, going 23-17. It's a nice accomplishment, especially given the time difference in France to the majority of the league. Darko has shown his love for '94, being up a crazy hours of the night to get his games or just chat with folks on AIM. Great addition to the community!

Lupz27: Another very good player who came in with great enthusiasm, finishing all 40 games, is up for exis, joined GDL and '92 league, and gets bonus points for being a New York Rangers fan! :)

JackVandal: A late addition to the season as he was sorting out controller issues, Jack brings in a jolt of energy to the community, and the confidence that he will rule the league!

Seriously amazing group of new buds, and I hope that you all continue to enjoy playing and being an active part of the community!

The Adam Oates Most Improved Bud

jackandjose – After going .100 (4-36) in the B league last season, went 28-12 (.700) in the B league and 13-27 in the A league, making the playoffs in both leagues! Also happens to be an iron man of '94, and consistently around. Great job J&J!

Hokkeefan Slacker Awards

Donnybrook -- an incredibly disappointing 26 games played (18-8 record), missing 14 games and missing the playoffs! Donnybrook would have been one of the top guys going into the playoffs, so a real bummer here.

The Steve Yzerman RAPON Award

A League: kingraph - Led all leagues with 231 goals, average of 5.58/game in the regular season.

B League: Zeppelin55 with 218 goals, leading the B league at 5.19/game in the regular season.

The Don Sweeney TRAPON Award

A League: Depch - had the lowest GA/G after playing all 40 games at 2.68! While CuJo is a great goalie, taking the league to 2.68 is not an easy feat!. Honorable mention to both donnybrook, who after 26 games led all leagues with a super-low 2.39 GA/G, but missed the playoffs and Uncle Seth, who rode Don Beaupre and the Caps to a stellar 2.45 GA/G, but only completed 29 games.

B League: wwojo75 - Led Kirk McLean the the Vancouver Canucks to a ridiculous 2.37 goals against per game, playing all 40 games and keeping total goals against to 99. Honorable mention to skeletor, who with ace goalie Patrick Roy kept opponents to a GA/G of 2.46, also very impressive.

The Scotty Bowman Best Overall Coach Award

A League: Depch/STL (32-8 (.800)
B League: Skip/DET (32-8 (.800)

The Steve Larmer Iron Bud Award

4 way tie! All these guys played all 40 games in both leagues!!!


Awesome job fellas!

The Brett Hull Shooting Star Award

skip/DET who led all leagues with an average of 17.1 shots per game! (average was 12)

The Dale Hawerchuk Passing Award

Clockwise/PIT. Not only did Clockwise finish with a 61.7% completion percentage (average was 50%), he finished 2nd in attempts with 50.3 (33% higher than the average of 37.9)!!! That's slick!

Individual Player Awards (more for FYI)


A League

1 (tie). Brett Hull and Stephane Richer - 121
3. Joe Sakic - 85

B League

1. Jeremy Roenick - 98
2. Petr Klima - 93
3. Steve Yzerman -85


A League

1. Valeri Zelepukin - 60
2. Nelson Emerson - 58
3. Alexander Semak - 50

B League

1. Steve Yzerman - 61
2. Sergei Fedorov - 55
3. Alexei Zhamnov - 50


A League

1 Stephane Richer- 163
2. Brett Hull- 146
3. Valeri Zelepukin - 120

B League

1 Steve Yzerman - 146
2. Jeremy Roenick - 126
3. Alexei Zhamnov - 113


A League

1 (tie) Ray Bourque and Doug Gilmour - 46
3. Scott Stevens - 44

B League

1. Dave Ellett - 54
2 (tie) Don Sweeney/Ulf Samuelsson/Ray Bourque - 44

Goalie Save % (min 30 GP)

A League

1 Patrick Roy - .744
2. Ed Belfour - .737
3. Curtis Joseph - .733

B League

1 Patrick Roy - .769
2 (tie) Kirk McLean/Bill Ranford - .761

Congrats! And thanks to everyone else who participated and helped make this season a great success! I hope you all return next season for some more '94 action!

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Wow, thank you so much KingRaph! I am extremely humbled to receive the Teemu Selanne R.O.Y. Award for the pure fact that I shouldn't win awards just for having fun!

Huge shout out to guys like Darko & TexasPachy, who made the league (and GDL exis) so much fun all season. Darko and I have probably played about 50 exi games since the end of the GDL draft, and I am glad so many of the new guys are venturing into the GDL along w/ me. It will be great to play more w/ Lupz and JackVandal too!

More importantly, I cannot say enough about Chaos, Smoz, Halifax, Ice, KingRaph (sorry if I missed anyone else behind-the-scenes) - you guys make this s**t possible and the community will always be indebted to you guys for this fantastic and beautiful place you have created.

I was 14 when this game came out and I couldn't count the number of games played. Sure, I progressed through the years to PS1, PS2, PS3 as I am sure most of you did, but NHL'94 has always been and always will be the game of games. I still remember getting this game, and playing it with my best friend all night. I can't say that about any other game I've ever bought. I think NHL'94 is so great because it was a special time in hockey with so many great Hall of Famers...and of course, the slick gameplay. '94 is still the best!

Thank you for the award, but even more, thank you guys for creating this space and a very worth while distraction from real life!


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Well Skip you desrve it so much!

By your play first of all,but more by the fact you are a great guy,always available when i need help,good spirit and sportsmanship.

You know that you are my boy!!!

Congrats to all the others award winners! That was a great season with great buds and i was so happy to be part of it!

Thx to the guys who are on the backstage so we can enjoy it all!!!

And thx KingRaph for your little words but you know all the pleasure is for me!!!

I'm so happy to find you and to be with you!

And i'm ready for spring classic!!!

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Great write up. For me the best thing about this season was undoubtedly the influx of new, committed, enthusiastic, decent level players. At a time when A LOT of A league vets have left the community (Probably due to life changes more than anything else such as leaving college, getting jobs, buying houses, forming new families etc) it wasn't long ago we thought we were looking at a scaling down of activity, but then BOOM, in come a huge group of new guys who remind me of many of us when we started. Great to see.

Final note: I'd like the Bi-Polar award. QUE were absolutely incredible for me at home (17-3 regular season, 4-1 playoffs).......................and amongst the worst in the entire league away (4-14 regular season, 1-4 playoffs). I've never seen anything like it. Truly a different team on the road with noticeably poorer passing (I haven't checked but i'm guessing there was a considerable difference in passing % on the road & at home), a goalie who was like 2 different players & the uncanny knack of finding ways to blow the game, throwing away a number of 3rd period leads. I'm betting no one can boast such a contrasting season. Just crazy & massively depressing.

Once again, great job to King & the other mods & congrats to the award winners.

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Kingraph- thanks for the most improved bud award! I had a little help from Klima. Now I know why everyone loves him so much. Like others said, the influx of all the great new buds was awesome and really added to the enjoyment of the season.

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