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NHL92 team rankings (subjective)


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While we are waiting for the NHL92 2015 Winter Finals video to be uploaded, and for Mac to finish his objective, stat based rankings, I will post my list of subjective team rankings. I have not put this on my website yet, so I will paste it here.

This is based on my experience of using these teams or playing against them, as well as past overall performance of 7 seasons, 8 including Mac's new league. Our first 5 seasons (including two in the 1990's) were all played with the standard SC1 line, the last two seasons (2006, 2013) were played with user edited lines. You can see full NHL92 league scores, standings, and results by clicking the link in my signature below.


TOP 8 POWER TEAMSMID RANGE 4 TEAMSLOWER 10 BAD TEAMSThe Power 8 are divided into 2, based on toughness, each team scores well.MID RANGE TEAMS can make upsets happen, no real title chanceBAD TEAMS are fun to use if you don't mind losingTOP 8 POWER TEAMS --------TOP ELITE#01 PITT (high toughness and scoring)#02 BOST (high toughness and scoring)~03 EDM  (high toughness and scoring)~04 NYR  (can play tough, and score)--------VERY GOOD ~05 LA   (good team with short history, good scoring, medium toughness)~06 CHIC (speed and shooting, although not tough)~07 CALG (improves much with edited lines, decent scoring, medium toughness)#08 STL  (Can win with the right person, not tough)--------MID RANGE TEAMS --------#09 WASH (consistent winners, but will never get to finals)#10 MONT (paper tigers)#11 MINN (not a bad team, but will never win a cup)~12 HART (HART jumps up to a mid range with edited lines)--------BAD TEAMS ---------#13 WPG (can beat bad teams)#14 BUF (can beat bad teams)~15 TOR (can beat bad teams)~16 DET (can score against low toughness teams)--------worse teams#17 VAN (slow, you wil die from boredom)~18 NYI ~19 NJ  ~20 PHI ~21 SJ  (slow but agile, can only hit the post at close range)#22 QUE (super slow, team has some shooting ability if they can get near net)-------# = solid ranking~ = approxmiate ranking, could flip floptoughness = checking, resistance to getting checked
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