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2015 Winter Classic Finals Results


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(1) WTGANG - Freydey, SOH



(3) VICTORIOUS SECRET- Jesusplaysnhl94, HABS

(16-5 inc 7-1 playoffs)

Game 1


WTGANG come out storming, continuing their domination from two regular season games vs victorious secret where they won putting up double digits.

Game 2


WTGANG continued to dominate, shutting out VR and playing one some stifling defence.

Game 3

8-4 Victorious Secret

VR's offense finally starts clicking and they get a much needed win to get the series at 2-1 WTGANG.

Game 4


WTGANG comes out hard and strong scoring at a high clip to put away VR in a pivotal game 4 and taking a 3-1 strangehold on the series.

Game 5

7-1 Victorious Secret

In an attempt to change things up in an elimination game, jesus puts HABS at Centre. The move pays off as VR puts in a dominant performance to stay alive in the series. VR makes it 3-0 in the first minute of the game and never looked back. The move at C completely changed the dynamics of play and left WTGANG scrambling to answer.

Game 6

4-3 Victorious Secret OT

VR jumps out to a nice 2-0 lead in the first few minutes. WTGANG ties it up in the third in a very tight checking defensive battle. This was probably the best game of the series, with tons of chances in OT end to end, breakaway after breakaway. Finally HABS gets a breakaway chance and buries it OT.

Game 7

11-2 Victorious Secret

At this point VR is looking like a well oiled machine. WTGANG has had no answer the past two games as they have given up two opportunities to win the title. VR puts in it's most dominant performance of the series and and the entire season in a game that was played to perfection on both the offensive and defensive end.

In summary, lost most of the details as nobody posted this or even held on to the scores! This was an amazing series and unfortunately the many details were lost. The overtime game was memorable though and game 5 which completely turned the series when we made the switch at C. It was fitting that it ended in game 7. This series features 2on2s true veterans and legends and played out like a true classic.

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Ggs i have krecs but dunno what to do with them :\

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Pretty sure gm 2 was 5-0

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dont blame me, im still having nightmares of this series

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